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Jared Shaw: Nick Diaz back in November while KJ Noons to watch others become stars



"Nick Diaz will be back in November on Showtime for an Elite show. His opponent will obviously be discussed and I really don't know what's next for KJ right now. Like I said, it's getting close to him just pulling up a chair and watching Elite XC and a bunch of other fighters become stars. You sit there and whether you are questioning your own people or yourself about why you're not becoming a star right now, especially when you're the one wearing the gold around your waist...let's be honest here, a belt means something. It means you're a champion, and more importantly it's a way for fans to identify the #1 fighter and if you're not around, having a belt doesn't mean anything because nobody can see it. He had the opportunity to be on a card that had Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano on. You've already seen what those two are capable of on May 31. Throw yourself and Nick Diaz in and you can only make it a bigger event.

Elite XC Vice President Jared Shaw confirms that the lightweight championship rematch between Nick Diaz and KJ Noons is not happening on October 4 or anytime soon. As for Noons' camps saying they didn't believe Diaz was the number one contender and that Eddie Alvarez deserved the shot instead, Shaw stated that Alvarez was unavailable and that Diaz is in fact the number one contender. This is getting way out of hand. The champ said before the Yves Edwards fight that he couldn't choose who his opponent was because as the champ you have to fight the best. He also said that it's up to Elite XC to decide who the number one contender is. Well, according to Shaw, they've made their choice. Now it's time for the champ to stop contradicting himself and get in there and fight the top guy ... or not.

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