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Dana White Playboy interview magazine MMAmania contest winners

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Dana White Playboy

A few days ago we proposed a new contest, asking our readers to provide us with reasons we should send them a free copy of Playboy magazine.

We received more than 175 responses. And here are the winners (in no particular order):

"I just broke up with my girlfriend. She said I ditched her for my "stupid fighting shows" on saturday nights. How could I miss a PPV with Brock Lesnar and GSP? Show me some love Mania!!"

-- LiFt

"I dont get the internet on the toilet."

-- kazanski

"I’m a SINGLE father of two! No wife for me yet, God hasn’t made a woman with the enormous sense of perversion and level of patience it requires to put up with me!"

-- chefdaddy (for this and other related comments in the thread).

"i want a copy of playboy cause im a true mma fan and would love to read more about it, and get to look at naked chicks. im a simple man, fighting and girls. thats all i need. but im poor, so please, give me a copy."

-- ryan

Congratulations to all the winners. Please send us your contact information and address we can get the issues in the mail (go through the "Contact" page located on the top navigation). "Thorazine" please send in your address, too, with a shirt size -- you deserve something for all that activity on the post, but there is just no Playboy 'fer this guy!

And thanks again to everyone who participated -- apologies we could not give a free copy to everyone.

In addition, we would like to extend another special thanks to the good folks over at Playboy Enterprises Inc. for being kind enough to provide with several copies of the latest installment of America's most coveted men's magazine to giveaway to our readers FREE.

Remember that you can go buy Playboy online right here.

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