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Wagnney Fabiano to WEC featherweight class

wagney fabianoThe WEC today made life a little more difficult for its 145-pound king, Urijah Faber.

The company inked IFL Featherweight Champion Wagnney Fabiano (10-1) to a deal that will put him in the WEC cage soon, according to He is widely considered one of the top fighters in the world and was more than likely the most coveted fighter on the entire (now-defunct) IFL roster.

Here's his thoughts about coming to states to compete in the WEC:

"My objective is to grown in the event e get the title. Let’s start with a tough and focused work. It won’t chance anything in my life, I’m always serious and go to any event to win. My goal is to fight for the belt and do my best."

He's fought some of the top fighters in the world in the lighter weight classes, falling only once to former WEC number one contender, Jeff Curran, by decision. He also holds a win over one of the men who will soon compete for the Elite XC featherweight belt, Bao Quach.

Wagnney will undoubtedly face a stiff test in Faber, if he does in fact get a shot at the champ sometime down the road. Zuffa has brought in many of the other top guys in the world, including Curran, and none have had any success against "The California Kid."

However, Wagnney is confident he can change all that. Here's another snip:

"Faber is the best of the world now. To beat him, I think you have to be in a good shape. He’s an expert fighter and he has a good gas, it’s complicated to beat a guy like him. You have to set a good game plan and be calm and watch the elbows, because if you hits you can change a whole fight."

This is a very exciting signing for the WEC. More competition is never a bad thing ... and that's exactly what Wagnney Fabiano will bring to the organization.


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