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Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva tests positive for steroids after Elite XC title win

antonio big foot silva

Newly crowned Elite XC heavyweight champion, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, has tested positive for Boldenone after winning the first-ever vacant division crown over Justin Eilers at "Unfinished Business" last month, according to California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Acting Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas.

"Bigfoot" has been suspended for 12 months and fined the standard $2,500.

Boldenone, which is apparently one of the hardest steroids to mask on a blood test, can show up on tests as much as a year and a half after use. It is often used by body builders because of its ability to add strength and size.

Other mixed martial artists who have tested positive for the drug include Josh Barnett, Phil Baroni and Kit Cope, among others.

There's no telling what prompted Silva to use the drug in his preparation for his title fight with Eilers, but we do know he was coming off a pretty serious knee injury.

Some athletes have been known to use the drug to heal injuries at a faster rate. It's even possible -- since Boldenone stays in your system for so long -- that "Bigfoot" used the drug before his February fight against Ricco Rodriquez when his knee injury was still fresh.

That was a huge fight for him. And one that eventually led to the title fight with Eilers five months later. Perhaps Silva rolled the dice and took the steroid, hoping to not get tested, instead of facing a world class talent such as Ricco with a bum leg.

Who knows.

It's hard to imagine, however, Silva would look to gain an edge on Eilers. Looking at the two fighters side by side, one would think it would be Eilers trying to gain an advantage -- he was giving up almost 60 pounds and three inches to the gigantic Brazilian.

Either way, "Bigfoot" got popped and Elite XC has another hurdle to jump. For a company already on the brink of possible collapse, this is devastating news.

There is no word yet on what Elite XC plans to do during the year-long suspension, but Elite XC can't afford to sit and wait on its champion to get reinstated.

It's certainly possible he may be stripped of his title.

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