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Fore! Golf club breaks Nate Quarry's eye socket

nate quarry
Middleweight Nate Quarry has once again found himself on the sidelines, recovering from a facial injury sustained at party in Albany, Ore., more than one month ago.

The "Rock" broke his orbital floor -– a bone that keeps an eye in place -– when he was on the wrong end of a golfer’s back swing, according to It certainly sounds painful, but fortunately for him, it is nowhere near as serious as the severe back injury that nearly cost him his fighting career.

Here’s a snip from Nate:

"I’m just glad it was me and not some kid or other woman. We had grown men swinging these clubs. If it would have hit a kid or a woman, it would have smashed their face."

Quarry is on a two-fight win streak since his return to the Octagon almost one year ago. The former 185-pound title challenger knocked the rust off after almost two years of inactivity by knocking out Pete Sell at UFC Fight Night 11 in September 2007.

He then followed up that performance with a unanimous decision win over an extremely elusive Kalib Starnes at UFC 83: "Serra vs St. Pierre 2" in April of this year.

Quarry indicates that he will be ready for action in November or December. There is a pay-per-view (PPV) event rumored for November 15 in Portland, Ore., which would essentially be a fight in his hometown.

Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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