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Roger Huerta clarifies his UFC remarks after Kenny Florian loss ... Sorta

roger huerta


"All I was saying is that from a financial point of view, basically like a retirement plan or whatever, that I can only do this for so many years. You saw the fight today. Look at (Jon) Fitch. Look at myself. As a retirement plan, we can only do this for so long, and all I was saying, is that as a business decision – and you can’t argue about this – it’s in all businesses. If another company offers you something better for you and your family, you would do that. It’s the logical thing to do, and that’s all I was saying."

Lightweight Roger Huerta -- who lost to Kenny Florian via unanimous decision over the weekend at UFC 87: "Seek and Destroy" -- tries to provide some context to the controversial remarks he made just before the fight. For more background on that click HERE. His statements clearly agitated UFC President Dana White who referred to Huerta -- once considered the Latino golden boy who could do no wrong -- as a "moron." "El Matador" has one fight remaining on his contract. And there was speculation that he and the promotion were "far apart" on reaching an agreement before the fight. It will be interesting to see if that chasm has grown larger now that Huerta no longer has an ace up his sleeve (being the top 155-pound title contender) or if cooler heads will prevail and a deal can be forged. Time will tell.

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