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Brock Lesnar: UFC fight antics in Minnesota good or bad?

brock lesnar
Jordan Breen at sees no harm:

"You can't throw up a post-fight fist pump without punching another elite level MMA fighter with a post-fight trademark. Chuck Liddell screams. Takanori Gomi surfs on the turnbuckle, and Eddie Alvarez back-flips off of it. Thiago Silva and Josh Barnett have the market cornered on throat slashing. Yushin Okami shows off his swordsmanship. Gabriel Gonzaga assails cameramen. This truncated list doesn't even account for those who are prone to spontaneous post-fight celebration like BJ Penn, who is liable to lick his opponent's blood or dead-sprint to the locker room after a W, or Anderson Silva, who has dressed up in full Moonwalker garb and given us rhythm guitar lessons after kayos. All of these actions are just as much overtures to the soul of pro-wrestling as those of Lesnar, who is still chided for his WWE wrasslin' tenure.... If Lesnar's laugh-and-lasso annoyed, offended or even outraged you: good. But if you think for a minute that there's 'no place' for this pro-wrestling gimmickry in MMA, Dana White will chap your thin hide all the way to bank. And thank God, because I've had all the clichéd 'respect' I can handle."

While reader "JS" disagrees:

"I'm not usually one to complain, but watching Brock Lesnar this past Saturday was horrendous. He's a showboater, tries too hard to appeal to the crowd (near the end of the fight I thought I was watching WWE) and after the fight he grabbed Joe Rogan's microphone like it was 'Smackdown' -- and what he had to say wasn't any better than is conduct was. Compare that to the class shown by GSP and Fitch later on. If I wanted to watch WWE and their pathetic crap I would. Someone needs to put Lesnar in his place (and I don't be beat the snot out of him, though that would be nice)--I mean White needs to have a sit-down with him because the direction this things are going is NOT good. Please, lets keep UFC, and MMA in general, a reputable sport!"

What say you? To see Lesnar's "showboating" click here and here.

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