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Wilson Reis vs Bao Quach Elite XC featherweight title fight possible

Wilson Reis Bao Quach

"EliteXC put me to fight for the belt against Bao Quach, from California. I’m very happy. I have three victories at Elite and now have a chance to fight for the belt, and I’m already training to win this."

That is a direct quote from undefeated Elite XC featherweight Wilson Reis while talking with This fight is not confirmed yet -- nor is there an event set to feature this potential bout -- but there are plenty of options in that area.

Elite XC has four shows scheduled over the next two months: the Sho XC event on August 15, the return of Elite XC on Showtime on September 20, another Sho XC event on September 26 and finally the third installment of "Saturday Night Fights on CBS" on October 4.

Obviously, Elite XC has high hopes for the growth of their company during this time, but there are questions about whether the promotion has the resources on its roster to draw solid numbers from each event. Meaning, are there enough quality fighters to spread over four events since the events are too close together for any of them to compete twice?

By introducing titles, the company is theoretically able to draw more attention to those fights -- even if they aren't exactly the most competitive. See Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eilers.

This potential fight between Reis and Quach would not be one of those, however.

Reis (5-0) is a 23-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu stud who has stormed through the competition thus far in his short career. His most recent win came against a very tough Bryan Caraway two weeks ago at Elite XC: "Unfinished Business." If there are any featherweights under contract with ProElite who deserve a chance to fight for the vacant title, Wilson Reis is definitely at the top of that list.

Quach (15-8-1) is coming off an impressive win at Icon Sport: "Hard Times" last weekend against the man who some people refer to as "The Bantamweight Chuck Liddell," Mark Oshiro. Quach has won his last nine fights, including two under the Elite XC (Sho XC) banner over former UFC fighter Doug Evans and a dangerous Bobby McMaster.

He hits hard and can handle himself on the ground. Obviously, he'll be looking to stay away from the mat against a guy like Reis, but he is certainly no push over in this fight.

Again, this fight is not confirmed by Elite XC yet, but it's definitely one to be excited about if it does in fact become official. We'll keep you posted.

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