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Liddell to fight at super heavyweight (no, not Chuck)

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"I'm just going out there trying to knock people out"

WITNESS THE BEGINNING………Chuck Liddell’s younger brother is making his debut in the PureCombat cage. Dan Liddell will step into the cage weighing 290 lbs and with a whole lot to prove. He comes with a wrestling background but has no doubt, had a lot of private lessons in his stand up game. His opponent, Charles Hodges will be weighing in at 340 lbs and comes with boxing background. He has fought beasts like ButterBean and anyone who has the guts to enter the cage with that monster has got a lot of heart or no brains. This can only mean one thing…a clash of the Titans! It will be very entertaining as these super heavyweights stand and bang it out and its sure to end in a bang for somebody. Don’t miss the last fight of the season for PureCombat…the Visalia Convention Center Friday, August 15th. The doors open at 6pm and fights start at 7:30pm.

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