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MMA Quick Quote: Brock Larson wants Carlos Condit rematch

brock larson

"I’m the real deal and I’m ready for Condit. I’m ready for it, so it’s just a matter of getting (Condit) to agree, but (the WEC) definitely wants it to happen. It’s up to Condit’s camp to figure out what it wants. I’d like to fight as often as possible, but the way it’s looking, this is the fight I want to wait for. I don’t want to risk anything like I did before fighting Condit the first time. I was supposed to fight him when I fought Kevin Knabjan two months before, and I think I peaked too early for that. It’s hard to peak twice in two months, so if it comes out that way, that’s the way I’m going to have to take it."

-- WEC welterweight Brock Larson tells that he wants another shot at Carlos Condit's title. Larson looked to be controlling the champ early on in their fight at WEC 29 last August, but the crafty Condit was able to secure a fight ending armbar midway through the opening round. Larson, who trains at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy with guys like Sean Sherk, Brock Lesnar and Nick Thompson, is a beast at 170 pounds. And despite the previous loss, poses some difficult problems for "The Natural Born Killer" with his strength and wrestling ability. Larson's only other loss during his 26-fight career was to UFC number one contender Jon Fitch in a decision. He's certainly worthy of another shot at the gold coming off three straight first round victories, but will the WEC give Miura a rematch with the champ first? If that's the case and Larson plans on waiting for a rematch with Condit, he'll be out of action for a long time.

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