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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White impressed with Heath Herring 2.0

heath herring

"The thing about Heath Herring is that he not only says he’ll fight anyone, he proves it because he gets in there and does it. But he kind of always teetered between being a success and mediocrity. He’d win one, he’d lose one, and he just sometimes struck you as a flabby guy who wasn’t particularly dedicated. He’s all of a sudden changed his tune, and he’s much more serious and focused and dedicated. And when Heath Herring is focused and in shape, he’s a tough guy for anyone to beat."

-- UFC President Dana White tells Yahoo! that he likes what he sees with the improved Heath Herring, who has adopted a new nutritional program and re-dedicated himself to training. Perhaps the massive man who will stand across from him inside the Octagon, Brock Lesnar, at UFC 87: "Seek and Destroy" this weekend has lit a fire under the "Texas Crazy Horse." It should be real interesting to see how this unfolds on Saturday night.

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