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Randy Couture vs. UFC legal battle to unfold in Las Vegas



"... the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has been informed by the Texas Court of Appeals that it has granted Zuffa’s Motion to Compel Randy Couture to arbitrate in the District of Nevada, thereby staying all further action by HDNet against Zuffa in the state of Texas. Specifically, the Court of Appeals found that the lower court had engaged in 'a clear abuse of discretion' by permitting HDNet to litigate claims relating to Mr. Couture’s contract in Texas, rather than in Nevada, where Zuffa is presently pressing a breach of contract action against Mr. Couture."

"The Natural's" plans of competing anytime soon appear to have been dashed with this latest ruling. The 45-year-old former champion is still in great shape; however, Father Time is no longer on his side. If he can't broker a back-room deal to return to the promotion within the next few months, then this ruling could spell the end of the UFC Hall of Famer's mixed martial arts career. That's because Zuffa clearly has the legal resources and capabilities to draw this out as long as possible.

(Thanks to reader "Shaolins Finest" for the assist.)

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