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Carlos Condit to remain in WEC ... but for how long?

carlos condit

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"If I fight those [UFC] guys, it will be as the WEC champion.... There are a lot of tough guys – a lot of them, believe me – but you just have to fight whoever they tell you to fight. I’m proud to be the WEC champion and whoever I fight, whenever I fight, wherever I fight, I’ll do it as the WEC champion."

WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit responds to questions about future title challengers after his electrifying fourth round technical knockout win over Hiromitus Miura at WEC 35 last night. He's essentially cleared out the 170-pound division and a bump up in competition would seem likely at this point. And to do that he would have to make a lateral jump to the "other" Zuffa-owned mixed martial arts promotion also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which boasts most of the top welterweights in the world. However, he appears to be towing the company line ... for now. His tune could change soon, especially if the WEC moves forward with a planned re-alignment that would focus on lighter weight classes (155 pounds and under) and integrate the rest of its roster with the UFC. No timetable has been set for such a move, but it has been discussed.

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