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WEC 35 fight results, coverage and winners LIVE tonight!

wec 35 results
WEC 35 is set go off LIVE tonight (Sunday, August 3, 2008) from "The Joint" at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the main card bouts, beginning with the 9 p.m. ET telecast on Versus. In addition, we will deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action at around 7 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the show to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after WEC 35.

Without further delay, check out the latest WEC 35 results after the jump. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Carlos Condit defeats Hiromitsu Miura via technical knockout (strikes) in round four to retain the WEC welterweight title
Steve Cantwell defeats Brian Stann via technical knockout (strikes) in round two to become the new WEC light heavyweight champion
Jamie Varner defeats Marcus Hicks via technical knockout (strikes) in round one to retain WEC lightweight title
Brian Bowles defeats Damacio Page via submission (guillotine) in round one
Josh Grispi defeats Micah Miller via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Brock Larson defeats Carlo Prater via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Blas Avena defeats Dave Terrel via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Shane Roller defeats Todd Moore via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Mike Budnik defeats Greg McIntyre via submission (triangle choke) in round three
Scott Jorgensen defeats Kenji Osawa via unanimous decision

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WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura (170-pound limit)

First round: Condit tries a body kick and misses. He then lands a leg kick and two more body kicks. Miura charges in and lands a nice right hand. Both guys land leg kicks. Nice right hand from Condit and they clinch. Miura tries to throw Condit, but he stays on his feet and they separate. Condit lands another combo and some kicks and knees. Condit tries a straight kick and eats a big punch. Condit tries to land some knees with a Muay Thai clinch now and Miura gets a big judo throw and goes right to side control. Condit is working som punches and he spins and gets to his fett. Miura might have just let him up. Nice punch from Condit and Miura sweeps his leg sending Condit to the mat. Condit stands right up but get drilled by a hard leg kick from Miura. Condit with a big right hand. Miura looks for another takedown, but Condit defends. Condit is stalking Miura now with kicks and punches. Huge right hand from Condit that drops Miura. Condit jumps on him and immediately looks to secure a submission. He traps the arm and goes to work now with the elbows and punches. Miura tries to get out and Condit has an armbar now. Miura escapes and they're back to their feet. Miura with anther judo throw and the round ends with Miura on top on the ground. That was a 10-9 for the champ.

Second round: Condit whiffs on a high kick. Now a straight kick and an exchange with punches from both. Miura eats a punch and kind of gets pushed to the mat. Condit jumps on top and is in Miura's guard. Condit is working the ground and pound. Miura looks for an arm bar, but Condit isn't having it. Condit transitions to half guard. Condit is looking to pass to side control or mount and Miura is defending nicely. Really good control from Condit here. Now Miura tries to escape, but the crafty Condit gets full mount and starts raining down shots. Miura spins and gives up his back and Condit grabs an arm. If he can extend it, he'll have it secured. Miura is out and into Condit's full guard. Condit lands some lazy punches from his back. The ref stands them up. Nice right hand and body kick from Condit. Big left hand from Miura but he goes for another throw and Condit takes his back. Now Condit is on top in Miura's full guard and thats how the round ends. Condit's round again 10-9.

Third round: Nice right hand from Miura. Condit shoots and Miura tries to defend and turn it into a throw of his own. He slips and Condit takes his back. Miura spins and Condit looks for a kimura. Now he has a deep guillotine from full mount. He lets it go, but still has mount. He's working the ground and pound from there. Condit looking for an arm now, but maintains his position. He traps an arm and lands a few more shots. Now a lot of lazy elbows from Condit. Nice reversal from Miura and he takes the top position and found his second wind to land some nice punches. Condit closes his guard and defends. Nice punches now from Miura and Condit is feeling those. Nice ground and pound from Miura and Condit is in trouble. Somehow Condit stands up and he's throwing wild punches and kicks now. Wild flurry and both guys eat shots. Miura tries to grab Condit as he's falling and Condit jumps on top. He has a north south position now and then takes his back. A tired Miura spins and Condit has full mount again. He's landing some big elbows and punches, and Miura is hurt. He spins and gives up his back. Condit looks for a rear naked, but a tired Miura defends. The round ends with Miura trying to hold on and keep Condit from choking him out. What a great round and great fight this is. Close round. Could go either way. How about 10-10.

Fourth round: Nice left hand from Miura. Condit charges and lands a knee, but eats some big shots from Miura. Condit is hurt bad. Miura could end this here, but Condit is somehow hanging on. He has Miura's leg now and Condit gets it to the ground. Condit is on top now. Nice sweep from Miura and he's on top now in half guard. Very nice ground and pound from Miura, and Condit is looking for a knee bar. Miura stands and escapes and Condit now has a closed full guard. The referee stands them up. They're exhausted. Nice punches from Miura, he slips and there's a wild exchange in the center of the cage. Condit tries to toss him to the ground and he gets him there. He takes full mount right away and is controlling the fight now and trying to recover. Miura reverses on a tired Condit and Miura is raining down some nasty ground and pound. The champ is in trouble again. Somehow Condit hangs on and gets back to full guard. Miura rests for a few seconds and then is right back to the ground and pound. Miura stands up and Condit follows. Condit throws a wild kick and Miura grabs his leg. Condit falls, but takes Miura's back. He's landing punches from there. The ref tells Miura to defend himself, but he's dog tired. Condit continues to land punches to both sides of Miura's head and Miura is done. The ref has to stop the fight. What a great fight!! Definitely a fight of the year candidate.

Final result:Carlos Condit defeats Hiromitsu Miura via technical knockout at 4:43 of round four to retain the WEC welterweight title


WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell (205-pound limit)

First round: Nice stare down. Cantwell looks intense! Here we go. Nice exchange with both guys landing something. Cantwell tries and misses a head kick. Leg kick from Cantwell. Stann charges in and eats a big punch from Cantwell. Another left hand from Cantwell. Stann with a nice leg kick and avoids another high kick attempt from Cantwell. Cantwell charges and there's a wild exchange now. Big shots from both guys and finally Cantwell shoots in for a leg and they clinch. Great exchange right there! Both guys look to be recovering in the clinch now as not much is happening. Herb Dean tells them to work and Stann pushes out of the clinch. Nice one two from Cantwell, and Stann answers with the same combo. Cantwell charges now and he's landing some nice shots. Stann sneaks a few in himself before they get clinched up again. Nice elbow from Cantwell from the clinch. Stann punches out and they separate. Leg kicks from both guys. Stann looks tired. Cantwell tries a superman punch and slips. Stann looks to take advantage and starts raining down punches. Somehow Cantwell absorbs the punishment and makes it to the bell. Close round, I'm going to have to give it to Cantwell 10-9.

Second round: Leg kick from Stann. Cantwell answers with one of his own. Stann with another low kick. Looks to be low, and Herb Dean gives Cantwell a break. Unintentional so no point deduction. Leg kick again from Stann and he blocks a counter combo from Cantwell. Cantwell charges in and Stann blocks and pushes out. Nice leg kick from Stann. Big kick to the body from Cantwell!! Stann is backed up against the fence now. Cantwell is trying to take it to him, but Stann grabs him and they're in the clinch. Cantwell pushes out and Stann charges with some punches. Cantwell stays in the pocket and lands some of his own. Cantwell shoots and Stann easily stuffs it. Both guys are tired. Nice knees and punches from Cantwell. Stann is covering up, but he punches out. Nice kick from Cantwell. Stann is in trouble with his back on the cage. Cantwell is landing shots, but Stann is still on his feet. Big right hand now from Cantwell and the champ is down. Cantwell jumps on his back and lands three or four more shots before Herb Dean can step in and stop the fight. Steve Cantwell is the new WEC light heavyweight champion.

Final result: Steve Cantwell defeats Brian Stann via technical knockout at 4:01 of round two to become the new WEC light heavyweight champion


WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner vs. Marcus Hicks (155-pound limit)

First round: Right hand from Varner and Hicks clinches. Varner has him against the cage now. Varner looks for a knee and Hicks grabs his leg and gets a slam. Varner works back to his feet, but Hicks is right on him and gets another takedown. Varner is looking to get back to his feet again, but this time gets caught in Hick's signature guillotine choke. Varner somehow escapes. Hicks shoots again and gets another slam, but again Varner is right back up. Head kick from Varner, and now Varner has a Muay Thai clinch and he lands two huge knees. Hicks looks stunned for a second, but looks to have recovered. Big shots from Varner and Hicks drops and is deep deep trouble. Varner is all over him, but the ref is letting the fight go on. Hicks somehow gets to his feet, but he's still eating big shots from Varner. Finally Hicks goes down again and now Mazz steps in and Jamie Varner retains his lightweight belt with a first round technical knockout. Good action!

Final result: Jamie Varner defeats Marcus Hicks by technical knockout (strikes) at 2:08 of round one to retain the WEC lightweight title


Damacio Page vs. Brian Bowles (135-pound limit)

First round: Page comes forward first and eats a couple punches. He then tries a big kick and misses. He slips on another charging kick attempt and Bowles jumps into Page's guard. Page is working some elbows and punches from his back with a closed guard. Bowles is able to stand, and he's trying a guillotine now. It looks pretty tight, but Page slips out and reverses to get the top position against the fence. Page is unsuccessfully trying to pass the guard and instead opts to stand up allowing Bowles to his feet as well. Bowles misses on a big right and eats a combo from Page. Bowles stays on the aggressive with charging combos, but Page keeps firing back with kicks and punches of his own. Nice body kick from Page. You can tell Bowles felt that one, and he almost immediately shoots for a takedown. Page sprawls and then picks Bowles up for a slam, but gets caught in a deep guillotine with both arms trapped. He tries to squirm out, but Bowles has it too deep and Page has to tap out at 3:30 of round one.

Final result: Brian Bowles defeats Damacio Page by submission (guillotine) at 3:30 of round one


Josh Grispi vs. Micah Miller (145-pound limit)

First round: Grispi misses a leg kick. Tries another and Miller slips. Grispi is standing over him now and tires a couple kicks. Now he backs off and lets Miller up. He lands another leg kick and then throws a nice combo of punches. A couple more leg kicks and Miller charges in and eats a huge right hand!! He drops immediately and he is out. He stands up and has no idea where he's at or what happened. Herb Dean tries to tell him the fight is over, but Miller is obviously on queer street.

Final result: Grispi defeats Miller via technical knockout (strikes) in round one


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