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Elite XC drug test results for 'Unfinished Business' come back clean ... for now

elitexc drug results
The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) today confirmed that all 22 of the athletes who competed on the Elite XC: "Unfinished Business" fight card in Stockton, Calif., on July 26 have passed their screenings for drugs of abuse, including marijuana, cocaine, etc.

Test results for the anabolic steroids (performance enhancing drugs) portion of the testing, which was also conducted on each fighter, are still pending.

Heading into the event, there were still lingering questions about Nick Diaz's medical marijuana use and how it would affect him getting cleared to fight.

In fact, Diaz had to be pulled out of a fight against Jae Suk Lim in March when he admitted he was legally allowed to toke in California. He was replaced by Drew Fickett, but no definitive reason was ever given for Diaz not being able to compete.

There were, however, some reports that suggested Diaz's medical marijuana card was something the CSAC didn't know how to deal with at the time and a decision was made to just keep him out of action to create more time to consider the unique situation.

It's unclear the reason there was no confusion this time over the marijuana prescription, but this report does confirm that Diaz did pass the test.

Regardless, stay tuned for more updates on the steroid portion of the test results -- it seems the CSAC is very meticulous with its screenings, making it difficult for fighters to mask any activity that involves banned substances.

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