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Ricardo Arona: 'UFC rules were made for me'

Ricardo Arona



"In the UFC, you can use the cage, which is perfect for me, because once you have your opponent in the corner, there’s no escape; it’s excellent to use to get the takedown. Once on the ground, it’s perfect for striking; it’s fatal. With those rules, I guess the referee will have to stop a lot of my fights quickly, because my great strong point is striking from above, from any position. The third factor I see is that anyone in the ring who gets tired in five minutes is in the wrong place. I’m accustomed to fighting one 10-minute round and two five-minute rounds. In the UFC, it’s three five-minute rounds, which is like child’s play for me. I’m flying in and out with that time. I wouldn’t even stop to wipe my forehead. The UFC rules were made for me -- no doubt about it.... I think the promotion would have to be the UFC, because it offers the best proposals and the best fighters, and it’s the best event and the best show. The best opponent for me is whoever has the belt, but I don’t think there’s any way to come back and fight right away for the belt."

Light heavyweight mixed martial arts standout Ricardo Arona talks about a return to action and his "perfect scenario under which to come back to compete in MMA." He clearly favors the UFC for several reasons. The Brazilian Pride FC veteran would be another fantastic addition to the loaded light heavyweight division -- Arona has competed against and defeated some of the most talented fighters in the sport. However, he has not competed in more than a year (he explains the reasons in the article referenced above).

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