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Report: Rampage Jackson thought he was a God



"Mentally he wasn't there. It was almost as if he was possessed. He heard voices. He thought he was a God.... He went very easy [with police].... He would still make comments that were slightly weird [when he returned].... You could tell that he wasn't all the way there, but each day you could tell he was better."

Josh Gross culls together comments from various anonymous "inside" sources regarding the condition of former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson after he was released from police custody following an arrest for hit and run and other charges. He was picked up by police the following day because of his bizarre behavior, which was detailed above in the quote mash. He has since appeared in public in small doses, which apparently goes against his lawyer's advice. The good news is that the report indicates he intends to get back in the Octagon as soon as November ... perhaps against Wanderlei Silva. Let's just hope that's not too much too soon.

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