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Elite XCs Gary Shaw and Doug DeLuca resign and become consultants

gary shaw
Two of the original Elite XC head honchos have called it quits before the mixed martial arts promotion could celebrate its two-year anniversary.

According to a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Elite XC Live Events President Gary Shaw and former Chief Executive Officer, Doug DeLuca, have resigned from their respective posts, but will remain with the company as "consultants."

There has been speculation swirling about the demise of Gary Shaw for some time now. In fact, after the May 31 network television debut on CBS ended with mostly bad reviews -- despite impressive ratings -- the rumors of the successful boxing promoter being forced out by CBS executives became public.

Those reports were denied by Elite XC officials at the time, but with Shaw's absence from the last two Elite XC events and now this announcement, it all appears to have been true after all.

Shaw took a lot of heat for some of the things he did during his time with Elite XC. Whether it was his handling of Kimbo Slice, the trademark dancing girls and rap star entrances, rumblings of possible fixed fights, or whatever it was, Gary Shaw seemed to always be the scapegoat.

Therefore, it only seems fitting that now when Elite XC is finally looking like it might turn that corner as a legitimate mixed martial arts organization, Shaw has been shown the door ... essentially making him the ultimate fall guy once again.

As stated above, Shaw will remain with the company as a consultant. If that sounds like a position created to save some face for Shaw, that's probably accurate. However, the filing says that he'll maintain a $250,000 a year salary as well as some other perks, including Pro Elite stock shares.

Not bad for a "consulting" gig.

DeLuca stepped down as CEO back in February, but stayed on with the company as a full-time Chief Strategy Officer and Chairman of the Board. He's maintained that position until now. He will also be kept on as a "consultant" with Elite XC -- a position that will earn him $210,000 annually.

With so much negativity surrounding Elite XC in the past -- for whatever reason -- it looks like the promotion is trying to clean up its image. Now that there's no more dancing girls, rap concerts, or Gary Shaw, what's next ... Kimbo Slice fighting a legitimate opponent?

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