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MMA Quick Quote: Kimbo Slice eyes knockout finish in October against ... ?

kimbo slice

"Fighting back at home again, for the second time, is gonna be great. My next opponent, I'm not sure who I'm fighting yet, but I"m looking forward to a hard fight. And this fight I want a KO."

-- Elite XC heavyweight fighter Kimbo Slice talked last night at Elite XC: "Unfinished Business" about his upcoming fight in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on October 4. This will be Kimbo's second fight for Elite XC in the "dirty south." The Miami native knocked out Tank Abbott back in February on the "Street Certified" card, which took place at the Bank United Center in Miami. The interesting thing is that Kimbo's opponent has not yet been confirmed even though Brett "The Grim" Rogers was believed by most to be that opponent, especially after the post-event fireworks the two had following the May 31 show. Rogers hasn't been ruled out as Kimbo's October 4 counterpart, either, but all signs right now appear to point toward a different match up. Perhaps Elite XC believes Rogers is more deserving of a title shot at this point, or maybe they're just protecting Kimbo. What say you?

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