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Randy Couture: 'Becoming the Natural' book contest winners

Randy Couture: Becoming the Natural

So last week in the wake of the massive Affliction: "Banned" hysteria, we posed this question to our readers:

At this point, do you have any interest in a bout between Fedor and Couture?

We received nearly 200 responses. And even though it was a tough choice here are the winning submissions (in no particular order):

"I absolutely want to see that fight as they’re the top 2 heavyweights in the world, the absolute classiest fighters most amazing ambassadors for the sport, and solid individuals outside of MMA, who are a pleasure to watch alone, let alone against one another. Make.It.Happen."

-- James

"This fight needs to happen. Not because it has any bearing on who’s the #1 HW in the world (it’s Fedor, accept it) but because 10+ yrs from now, the MMA mythology will be incomplete if it didn’t. Both fighters represent much more than just themselves, their countries and promotions."

-- JoeyVitaminB12

"Anytime you can watch two great athletes perform you have to be interested. Regardless of where it happens, what kind of structure it happens in or whoever promotes it, the fight needs to happen. This has the potential to be one of the biggest moments in a MMA history."

-- J Walk

"Honestly, I don’t care any more. By the time the fight finally happens, Randy will be pushing fifty. Granted, he’s an amazing athlete. But he’ll be near fifty. If he wins, it’ll be great, but if he loses, it’ll be 'too much time, too old, too slow.' If it hasn’t happened by now, the fight that everyone thought it could be will never happen."

-- Punk Rock Scott

"No matter who wins the critics will still complain but the fans will cheer."

-- Mike

Of course, I promised we would send out three free copies of Randy Couture's new autobiography, "Becoming the Natural," to the top three entries. Well, I couldn't settle on just three so there are now five winners.

Congratulations to them and thank you to everyone else who chimed in -- we wish we could award everyone who got involved, but that's just not possible.

Thanks again to the book's author, Loretta Hunt, for sending us some advanced copies to share with our readers. For those who did win please email us a with your addresses and any other contact info we need to fet your prizes in the mail.

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