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Fedor gets more than $300,000 for win over Tim Sylvia at Affliction

fedor affliction press conference



"... Emelianenko received a sizable part of his Affliction contract up front in the form of a signing bonus, and added that Emelianenko also owns the rights to his fight footage in several European countries. That second part may not mean much right now but if Affliction chooses to hold an event in Europe, they would have to pay him for the footage."

Fans went a little nuts earlier this week when the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) released the official fighter salaries for Affliction: "Banned" at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on July 19. That's because Tim Sylvia pocketed $800,000 for a 36-second losing performance. And the man who thrashed him, Fedor Emelianenko -- widely regarded as the top mixed martial artist on the planet -- took home just $300,000. While it should be common knowledge that fighters often receive payment from other avenues (signing bonuses, pay-per-view percentages, etc.) in addition to their "official" pay, this report shines a light specifically on some of the other financial ways the Russian did and will continue to benefit.

(Thanks to reader "john" for the assist.)

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