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UFC 90: Stephan Bonnar to miss Chicago event October 25

Stephan Bonnar



"My first reaction was pretty much that I couldn’t believe that the UFC was finally coming to my hometown. Right after that I said to myself, ‘God damn why can’t I be ready to fight?’ ... I recently started to get real aggressive with the rehab and my doctor wasn’t very happy about it. I was told to back off a little bit.... As soon as I get the green light it’s going to be all business. I can’t wait to start cracking skulls again."

The "American Psycho" reveals that he will not be ready to compete at UFC 90 in Chicago, Ill., on October 25 because his knee injury still requires more TLC. It's the first time ever that the big show will breeze through the "Windy City," which apparently (and justifiably) has the hometown light heavyweight bummed. The good news is that he is shooting to return before the 2008 fight campaign comes to a close.

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