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Tom Atencio: Affliction 'Banned' PPV buys to top 100,000

Tom Atencio
Props: Yahoo!


"I don’t have everything on that yet, but for the people who felt this was going to be a total flop in that regard, I have news for them. It’s already done a lot better than what I’ve heard people speculating. I’m not going to release the (official) number, but it’s already well beyond what people have been saying. Well beyond."

Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio doesn't have any final numbers, however he reveals that the pay-per-view (PPV) buys for "Banned" on July 19 will "definitely" surpass 100,000. That's a figure that may appear to be small at first blush, but it's important to note that no other mixed martial arts promotion besides the UFC has ever exceeded that number (the UFC scored more than 1 million buys with UFC 66 alone). It's a big victory for the upstart promotion, considering that prior to the event most in the know were saying that anything north of 75,000 would be deemed a total success.

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