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UFC Quick Quote: Randy Couture on possible return (Plus a FREE book giveaway)


"When, where and with what promotion — we don't know. It could happen in UFC. We just don't know. I want it to happen. Fedor wants it to happen. In some way, shape or form, we're going to make it happen."

-- Former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture -- who walked away from his division crown late lat year to pursue a fight with Fedor Emelianenko -- tells that he's still intent on a bout against the Russian even though he is embroiled in a messy legal dispute. UFC President Dana White has mentioned in the recent past that (a). He'd sign Fedor just so Randy can fight him and (b). He wants Randy back in the Octagon. Now Randy is leaving the door open to a possible UFC return after slamming it shut. At this point, do you have any interest in a bout between Fedor and Couture? Make your case in the comments section below and keep it to 50 words maximum. Top three responses win a FREE copy of Couture's new book, "Becoming the Natural," which Loretta Hunt -- the author and editor -- was kind enough to send our way. Go nuts.

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