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Anthony Johnson responds to Kevin Burns eye poke at UFC Fight Night 14

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"They didn't say nothing [about why the fight wasn't ruled a no contest]. Nobody has given me an excuse. The only thing I've heard from fans and even the staff of UFC was that it's bullshit.... All I know I turned around and I was screaming. Honestly, his finger went in my eye. It hurt like hell. I've never had that happen before, not that deep at least."

Anthony Johnson talks about the technical knockout loss to Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night 14 last night. "Rumble" received an accidental finger in the eye in the third round, which caused him to crash to the floor in agony. The referee thought he was dropped because of an uppercut (which grazed him) and waived off the fight. It was controversial; however, the officials don't have the benefit of instant replay. And Johnson's reaction to the eye poke made it appear that he was hurt with a punch and not a finger. Regardless, both fighters were classy after the bout. Perhaps we will see a rematch down the road sometime soon.

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