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Cung Le Strikeforce champion on ESPN today (July 16)

Strikeforce World Champ Cung Le

Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le will make an appearance on ESPNEWS this afternoon at around 5:10 p.m. ET., talking mixed martial arts with the the "Worldwide Leader In Sports" on the "The Hot List" program.

The champ will more than likely also promote the movies he's been involved with recently. He'll be playing Marshall Law in the big screen version of the popular video game "Tekken," which is done filming and in the production phase.

Le has also been cast in the film, "Fighting" that stars Terrence Howard and will be out sometime this year. In addition, he has a leading role in a science fiction project co-starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. And apparently Le earned the last gig with Quaid and Foster on his acting ability alone.

Pretty impressive.

I doubt this means we've seen the last of Cung Le in the Strikeforce cage though. In fact, Frank Shamrock spoke during a conference call today with Elite XC about his plans to take his gold back sooner rather than later.

That's a rematch everybody would love to see.Hopefully the guys over at "The Hot List" get to the bottom of when we're going to see the feared striker back in action.

Tune in this afternoon to find out.

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