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Anderson Silva claims the 205-pound title belongs to Lyoto Machida

anderson silva


"[Fighting at 205 pounds] is an experience we are doing for several reasons, and one of them is a request from Dana White…. I don’t have a desire to fight in this category and am only doing it because I was asked and I think I can. I have no desire to dispute this belt because Lyoto has already proven that it belongs to him. I am taking this fight because I like to fight and I like the challenges."

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva shares some insight on his move up to light heavyweight to take on James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 14. "The Spider" reveals that he has no intentions of competing for the 205-pound belt as long as undefeated training partner and friend, Lyoto Machida, is in the picture. However, there is not telling when Machida will get his shot at championship glory -- there is quite a long line of potential challengers in the division.

(Thanks to reader "Marcos" for the translation.)

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