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Thomas Denny: Nick Diaz isn't 'gonna have a fight to fight' if he doesnt make 160

thomas denny

"Oh man, I thought [Nick Diaz missing weight] was ridiculous. If I was Muhsin Corbbrey, I wouldn't even have taken the fight. When you're at that level, and obviously he didn't dedicate himself and didn't train like he was supposed to, how the hell do you come nine pounds over weight? I could understand one pound, a pound-and-a-half, cause scales are off; but nine pounds? That's not even trying. Let's see if he makes weight for my fight. If he comes into my fight nine pounds over weight, he's not gonna have a fight to fight."

Thomas "Wildman" Denny discusses Nick Diaz failing to make weight for his June 14 fight in Hawaii against Muhsin Corbbrey in a recent interview. Denny faces Diaz in Stockton, Calif., on the July 26 Elite XC "Saturday Night Fights" card on CBS at the same weight he failed to make (160 pounds). Some argue that Diaz was bulking up for his welterweight title fight with Hayato "Mach" Sakurai under the Japanese promotion -- DREAM -- and was given somewhat of a pass. But, the fact remains that Diaz did come in nine pounds over for a fight for which he had plenty of notice. And that is inexcusable, regardless of how many people are so willing to just sweep it under the rug. Denny has a valid point. Lets hope Diaz doesn't run into those same issues for this fight. Fans are already upset about having the "Mach" fight put on hold, and are perhaps even less thrilled about having to wait for the rematch between him and Elite XC division champion, KJ Noons. Missing a fight in his own backyard for failing to make weight again would give critics who feel Diaz lacks professionalism even more ammo.

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