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Forrest Griffin vs Quinton Rampage Jackson judges scorecards revealed

griffin jackson scorecards


Adalaide Byrd who scored it 48-46, gave 4 and 5 to Jackson and Griffin 1, 2 and 3 with 2 as 10-8

Nelson Hamilton had it 48-46 with 1 and 4 for Jackson, and Griffin getting 2 10-8

Roy Silbert had it 49-46 with only round 4 for Jackson.

The scoring of the light heavyweight championship bout at UFC 86 has come under some fire -- mostly everyone besides the judges felt the bout was much closer than the numbers indicated. Not taking anything away from Forrest Griffin -- who shocked the world last night with his upset of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson -- but it didn't seem like he won the bout in such convincing fashion. In fact, according to Dave Meltzer, those in press row were split between a close Griffin win and a draw. Regardless, Griffin earned the improbable win ... even though he was visibly not so sure himself of the victor when Bruce Buffer was reading the results.

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