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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn vs Josh Koscheck at 155 on the horizon?


"I just want to be a world champion, whether it be at 155, 170, 185, wherever. I believe I have a lot of fights left in me. With my work ethic and the training partners I have and the coaches I have, I believe some day that dream is going to come true.... You never know [about possibly making the drop to 155]. If people would want to see me fight B.J. Penn at 155 for the title, because there is really nobody there for him to fight, I’d do it.... I know B.J. very well, but business is business. We’re friends, but at the end of the day, it’s about making money together. If the fans would want to see it, I’d suck it up and I’d live that life to where I’d do whatever I have to do to make 155.... What are you in this business for, to make money and to win a title. Usually, they go hand in hand. A fight with B.J. would be like a dream for me."

-- Top welterweight contender Josh Koscheck tells Yahoo! that he would consider a move down to the lightweight division if it meant he could challenge BJ Penn for his 155-pound title. "Kos" has a tough 170-pound fight tonight against Chris Lytle tonight at UFC 86: "Jackson vs. Griffin," which he will have to take care of first before entertaining the possibility. In addtion, Penn has hinted that after he takes on the winner of Roger Huerta against Kenny Florian that he plans to move up to 170 to take on Georges St. Pierre or Jon Fitch. Put simply, a lot of things need to not happen -- or not happen -- for this fight to become a reality. But it would be interesting to say the least.

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