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UFC 86 caption contest winners

UFC 86 Caption Contest

Congratulations to reader "UKmmaBOY" for the winning submission in our most recent caption contest:

Rampage: "You stand as much chance of fucking her as you do beating me."

Forrest: "I know."

He will take home a $150 FREE play from to play around with and eventually evolve in to a degenerate MMA gambler. Congrats.

Here's our second place winner, which is courtesy of die hard mania, "C-war:"

"Jesse Taylor, is that you? What exactly in da hell did you do that night in Vegas?"

"C-war" will receive a $100 FREE play from our friends at

And our third place award -- and a $50 FREE play -- goes to "LiFt" for this:

Forrest: "Hey Quinton, looks like everyone's going green these days."

Rampage: "Shut up and pretend it helps the planet."

Of course, our prizes don't stop there ... we've got a handful of readers who took home honorable mention, and in the process, will take home t-shirts:

Forrest smiled inside -- Couture's gameplan had already begun its work.

-- David Quan

"What are you lookin' at, Quinton. She ain't Asian."

-- Dan Finley

"A champion is always distracted by the Call of Booty."

-- DoMiNaToRv

Thanks to everyone who participated, including our generous sponsor, and congratulations again to our winners. This was a tough one to caption, which you can blame on Jesse -- it was his idea.

Anyway, for the winners please SEND ME ANOTHER EMAIL to remind me to actually get all this stuff settled. If you won a FREE play re-send your account numbers and if you won a t-shirt email me your addresses.

Enjoy the fights tonight, maniacs.

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