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Natural Born Killer Carlos Condit prepares for Hiromitsu Miura WEC showdown (Part I)

It's the beginning of the second week since I returned from Afghanistan.

Training is going well -- no injuries to report other than some minor stuff, but that's normal. Even though this training camp has not been ideal because of so much traveling, I'm in great shape and feeling pretty sharp.

I've been waking up earlier than usual. I'm a bit of a night owl and tend to sleep fairly late in the day, but I guess I'm still on Afghan time. It's actually been really good for training, giving me time to run in the mountains before it gets too hot.

Yesterday I went way up there! Farther than I've ever gone. I thoroughly enjoy running in the New Mexico foothills. Well, maybe not thoroughly ... the air is very thin and the terrain is crazy steep and rocky. Actually, running up there is a bitch!

It's an absolute blessing, however, for an endurance athlete. It's a daunting obstacle that tests the mind and pushes the body to its breaking point. Not to mention the spiritual aspect of reaching an immense peak, literally and figuratively. Looking out over such intense natural beauty is a highlight for me during a day of grueling, tedious training.

The opponent I've been preparing to fight, Hiromitsu Miura, at WEC 35 on August 3 is not very well known. That being said, I believe he is a very tough and dangerous fighter. Some people may not be super excited for this match-up.

That's because most fans probably don't know much about Miura or they expect me to roll right over him. Hopefully they're right, but from my perspective this is great style match-up.

He definitely likes to stand and bang and is a dangerous striker as he showed against Blas Avena. Sure, Blas isn't known for his stand up skills, but Miura demonstrated his willingness to exchange. I'm looking too exhibit some of my striking skills and Miura is definitely a formidable target.

Until next time.

Carlos Condit (22-4) is the WEC welterweight champion and has bested several tough opponents throughout his six-year professional mixed martial arts career, including Frank Trigg, Brock Larson, Carlo Prater, Renato Verissimo, John Alessio and many others. The 24-year-old fighter out of Albuquerque, N.M., is widely considered to be among the top 170-pound fighters in the world and has not dropped a bout in more than two years. He will put his skills to the test and his title on the line next against the very dangerous Hiromitsu Miura at WEC 35 on August 3. Condit will check-in here at between now and then with frequent updates from his training camp to give our readers and his fans a behind-the-scenes look as "The Natural Born Killer" prepares to claim another victim.

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