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MMA Delaware possibly coming soon

delaware mma
Mixed martial arts (MMA) will soon be legal in Delaware, according to a story in today's edition of The News Journal.

A state legislator had been spearheading an effort to ban the sport as part of so-called "Toughman" laws that were being discussed in the State Assembly.

"The safety of the individual is the concern," Rep. Robert J Valihura Jr. told The News Journal earlier this week. "We intended to outlaw bare-knuckle boxing matches at the turn of the century."

The law, if passed, would have meant fighters and promoters could be charged with a class A misdemeanor for participating in MMA events.

However, common sense prevailed and last night the bill was amended to allow an MMA advisor to be placed on the state's Combative Sports Advisory Council.

State officials said it's likely that a national organization will be placed in charge of future MMA events in the state, which does not have a boxing commission.

The neighboring Pennsylvania State Athletics Commission has sanctioned boxing in Delaware for several years. That commission has also never sanctioned MMA. However, the Pennsylvania commission has drafted regulations that could go into effect later this year.

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