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Strikeforce results for 'Melendez vs Thomson' in San Jose on HDNet

Strikeforce Results

Strikeforce: "Melendez vs. Thomson" is coming up soon. The event will take place at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., airing LIVE on HDNet at 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. local). will provide blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute, round-by-round coverage of the main card action below.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or one0 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Melendez vs. Thomson."

Without further delay, see the latest Strikeforce: "Melendez vs. Thomson" results after the jump below. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Josh Thomson defeats Gilbert Melendez by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) and wins the Strikeforce lightweight title
Miesha Tate defeats Elaina Maxwell by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Light Heavyweight Champion Bobby Southworth defeats Anthony Ruiz by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 50-45)
Jeremiah Metcalf defeats Raymond Daniels via submission (rear naked choke) at :59 of round 2
Billy Evangelista defeats Nam Phan via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Chris Cariaso defeats Anthony Figueroa at 4:34 of the second round by submission (rear naked choke)
Bobby Stack defeats Jose Palacios via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Alexander Trivino defeats Eric Jacob at 37 seconds of round 1 by submission (armbar)
Jorge Interiano defeats Travis Johnson by (T)KO (doctor stoppage) at 3:00 of the 2nd round
Cyrillo Padhillo defeats Jesse Jones via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Bryan Caraway defeats Alvin Cacdac via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:39 of round one


James here.

Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson:

Round one: Jab from Melendez. Leg kick from Thomson. Double jab from the champ. Nice left hook from Melendez and he charges with some jabs and looks for the takedown. Thomson now grabs a leg and gets the takedown. He has half guard against the cage. A couple right hands from Thomson, he stands and throws a couple more. Now back to half guard. Nice knee to the body from Thomson. Thomson working in a few shoulders. Melendez reverses the position and now has the top. Thomson stands and lands a knee and a nice right hand. Back on their feet and Thomson throws a body kick. Leg kick from Thomson and a right hand from Melendez. The round ends with Thomson missing a high kick. I think Thomson took it 10-9.

Round two: Big leg kick from Thomson. Now a body kick and another. big right from Melendez and Thomson smiles. Wild flurry with knees landing from Thomson and punches from the champ. Now clinched against the cage. Melendez lands an elbow and they separate. Straight kick from Thomson and a body kick. Another. Combo from Melendez. Nice jab from Thomson. Two more. Leg kick and a right hand and two knees from Thomson. Melendez now winning some exchanges with boxing. Knee and spinning back kick from Thomson. Nice right hand from Thomson. A right from the champ. Another leg kick from Thomson and more jabs. The round ends with Thomson getting a takedown right at the bell. Another 10-9 round for Josh Thomson.

Round three: Leg kick from Thomson. Another. Nice front kick and big flurry from Thomson. Melendez stays in there and lands some right hands. Both fighters exchanging jabs. Thomson slips but he's right back up. More jabs from both. Leg kick again from the challenger. Nice combo from Melendez. Body kick from Thomson and a front kick. Leg kick again by Thomson. Another. Big right from Melendez and he gets rushed by Thomson with a knee and some right hands of his own. Another nice right and a big miss with a left from the champ. Thomson shoots and gets the takedown. Thomson has the champ's back, but Melendez escapes and they're back to their feet. The bell rings and again I give the round to Thomson 10-9. He's just doing more than Melendez, and the late takedown didn't hurt.

Round four: Thomson with a right then left then jabs and Melendez misses a right. Melendez now with a flurry. Thomson with another kick, then another, then another. Another. The kicks are winning him this fight. Straight kick lands for Thomson. Leg kick. Straight kick again. Melendez lands a left hook, countered by another straight kick from the challenger. Another leg kick. Another. Another. Jab from Melendez, then he misses a right hand. He's having a hard time with Thomson's movement. Two more kicks from Thomson. A nice right hand from the champ. Body kick from Thomson. Clinch and knee from Thomson. Nice combo with his hands now. Melendez with a one two combo, but Thomson grabs the double leg and gets the takedown. Side control for Thomson. Now he has Melendez's back, but Melendez stands up. Thomson puts him right back down and has his back again. He's looking for the rear naked choke and has it. Time is running out, but Melendez escapes some how before the bell rings. Definitely Thomson's round 10-9.

Round five: Melendez needs a knockout or submission in this round, lets see what happens. Leg kick from Thomson. He ducks a Melendez right hand now and throws another leg kick. Thomson grabs a single leg and pushes Melendez to the cage, now gets it to the mat. Has his back now. Melendez nicely gets up. Front kick from Thomson. Leg kick. Jab and right hand from the champ, but Thomson answers with a leg kick and a right hand of his own. Right hand from Melendez. Straight kick and a clinch from Thomson. Against the cage now both guys are tired. Thomson has his back and Melendez turns. Melendez stalking but can't catch up to Thomson. Both land shots, but Thomson lands big knee and gets the takedown. Right back up and a straight kick. Thomson shoots and a tired Melendez tries to stay standing. Melendez lands a right hand right before the bell rings. Another round for Thomson 10-9. Great execution by Thomson in this fight and he's going to be the next Strikeforce lightweight champion.

Final result: Josh Thomson wins the Strikeforce lightweight championship by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


Meisha Tate vs. Elaina Maxwell:

Round one: Maxwell with a body kick and Tate with some punches. Tate holds on and secures a takedown. Maxwell has full guard. Maxwell looks for a triangle and Tate escapes and looks for mount. She gets in eventually and rains down some punches. Maxwell is looking to slip out from underneath, but Tate holds on and now looks for an armbar. She has it if she can extend it. Maxwell defends and has a scissor lock on Tate's head. Tate gets her head out and finally extends the arm, but Maxwell gets saved by the bell. It looked like she wanted to tap, but didn't quite commit to it. Close round, I'll give it to Tate for the takedown and submission attempt.

Round two: Tate right away with the takedown and into Maxwell's full guard. Maxwell looking for a gogoplata, but gives up on it. Tate is working to get the mount and gets it. Maxwell is using her long legs to try and push Tate off, but Tate stays mounted and is throwing a lot of punches, but not much behind them. Maxwell now is able to use her legs to reverse the mount into another scissor lock, but Tate escapes and is into side control. The round ends in that position. Again I'll give it to Tate 10-9 for the takedown and dominating position. It was close again though. Maxwell is resilient. This has been an entertaining fight thus far.

Round three: Tate again immediately locks up and looks for the takedown with a single leg, but Maxwell uses the cage to stay on her feet. Tate stays locked up and holds onto the leg. Not much happening from here. The crowd voices their disapproval with some boos and the ref separates them. Tate shoots again and Maxwell capializes by spinning and taking Tate's back. Tate looks tired and Maxwell is trying for and armbar. She looks like she could get it if she can extend, but Tate holds on and the fight ends. That was Maxwell's round 10-9.

Final result: Miesha Tate wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Light Heavyweight Champion Bobby Southworth vs. Anthony Ruiz:

Round one: Southworth with a nice combo and gets a takedown. He has half guard. Gets side control easily. Ruiz looks to spin out, but Southworth takes his back. Ruiz lands a couple back door punches. Ruiz rotates nicely and quickly into Southworth's guard. He pushes him against the fence, but Southworth stands right up. Clinch against the cage now on their feet. Southworth with double under hooks. Now gets the single leg and secures another takedown and right back into Ruiz's half guard. Ruiz spins right into an armbar. Ruiz stacks him up and pulls his arm out. The round ends with Southworth looking for a triangle. Southworth's round for sure, 10-9.

Round two: Leg kick and big swinging miss from Ruiz. Ruiz rushes in and clinches. Nice right hand and Ruiz gets the takedown. Full guard for Southworth. Southworth tries to get up and Ruiz slams him right back down. Southworth stands and gets a takedown right away of his own. Southworth easily to side control. Ruiz spins and Southworth now has his back. Ruiz reverses and now in Southworth's guard. Ruiz staying active with punches. Southworth is gasping for air now against the cage. Southworth looks for the triangle now and Ruiz spins giving Southworth the top position again. Ruiz working punches from the bottom. The round ends with Southworth looking for mount. Very close round. Tough to judge. I'll give it to Ruiz 10-9 for being more aggressive.

Round three: Ruiz charges, grabs a single leg and gets the takedown. Southworth back to his feet, but Ruiz has his back. He spins out and Ruiz looks for a leg. He lets it go and back to the clinch. Southworth now with the single leg, and he gets the takedown. Southworth is staying active now with punches and shoulders and gets full mount. Ruiz spins and gives up his back. Southworth looks for the choke, but Ruiz reverses and gets the top position. Nice punch from the bottom for Southworth. Southworth to his feet again and Ruiz lands a couple knees to the body. Southworth with another takedown. Ruiz grabs a head lock, but Southworth gets throws some body shots and the round ends. I give the round to Southworth because of the takedowns 10-9.

Round four: Ruiz with a big looping miss and Southworth lands a knee. Ruiz clinches and Southworth spins and takes his back. Southworth with the takedown and he has full mount. Ruiz turns and he's out. Southworth has his back with both fighters on their knees. Ruiz stands. Ruiz is bleeding from his nose. Southworth grabs a leg and gets another takedown. Ruiz turns and stands. Knee from Southworth followed by a left. Nice right now from Southworth and Ruiz shoots and gets the takedown, but Southworth grabs his arm and has a kimura. Ruiz escapes. Ruiz with a couple nice shots from the top. Southworth looking for another kimura. Now he stands up, and takes Ruiz right back down. Southworth is winning this fight with the takedowns. He has side control and the round ends in that position. Again, 10-9 Southworth.

Round five: Ruiz has to know he's behind. Let's see if he comes out more aggressive. He misses a big looping right. Now he connects on one, but Southworth again grabs the leg and gets the takedown. Ruiz looking for the guillotine, but Southworth has half guard. Southworth working the ribs with punches and Ruiz lets go of the choke. Southworth right to side control, now north south, now has his back. Ruiz stand up. Southworth again grabs the leg and takes him down. Southworth looks for another kimura, but can't get it. Southworth with a couple nice shots to Ruiz's head and he moves to side control. Ruiz turns and gets it back to half guard. There's been a lot of clinching and both guys look really tired, but Southworth continues to work and has Ruiz's back again. The fight ends with Southworth half heartedly looking for an armbar. Again 10-9 for Southworth.

Final result: Bobby Southworth retains the Strikeforce light heavyweight title with a unanimous decision (48-47, 50-45, 49-46)


Jeremiah Metcalf vs. Raymond Daniels:

Round one: Metcalf right away locks him up and pushes him against the cage. Using foot stomps now. Metcalf now gets a takedown and Daniels has guillotine from half guard. Metcalf gets out and is landing punches from half guard. Big punches now from Metcalf and he gets full mount. He postures and is landing big shots. Daniels is in trouble. He tries to buck out and the round ends with Metcalf landing punches from the mount. Big round for Metcalf, he takes it 10-9, maybe even 10-8.

Round two: Big right hand from Metcalf and he gets another clinch and takedown. Full mount right away for Metcalf. Metcalf looks for the side choke, but Daniels blocks him from getting side control. Daniels is eating a lot of punches. Metcalf now looking for a triangle choke, but loses mount in the process. Now he has Daniels back and locks in a deep rear naked choke. Daniels thinks about it for a few seconds and then is forced to tap. Dominating win for Jeremiah Metcalf.

Final result: Jeremiah Metcalf wins by submission (rear naked choke) at 59 seconds of round two


Billy Evangelista vs. Nam Phan:

Round one: Leg kick from Nam. Nice exchange with punches from both. Evangelista clinches and pushes Nam to the cage. Knees from Evangelista and a takedown. Phan has full guard and Evagelista is landing some punches against the cage from there. Evangelista is really staying active from the top with the strikes. Phan squirms out and back to his feet, but Evangelista secures him and takes him right back down. Same thing happens again right away. Big shots landed from Evangelista. Phan is really being controlled by Evangelista. Nice flurry from Evangelista. Phan looks for a guillotine now, but lets it go. Big strikes from Evangelista. He's dominating. The round ends with Phan eating more punches. Big round for Evangelista, 10-9.

Round two: Surprisingly Evangelista did a lot more standing up in this round even after such a successful first round with the takedowns and dominating ground and pound. Phan made him pay with some solid combinations and even had Evangelista looking dizzy at one point in the round. This was Nam Phan's round 10-9.

Round three: This round was very close. Phan was a little better in the stand up. Evangelista was able to take him down a couple times and work some more ground and pound. Both guys looked tired, but Evangelista won a close round I think by being more aggressive and controlling. It was a super close round that could have gone either way.

Final result: Billy Evangelista wins a split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Chris Cariaso vs. Anthony Figueroa:

Round one: Figueroa misses a big high kick. Cariaso with some kicks of his own. Figueroa charges and Cariaso capitalizes with a takedown. Cariaso is throwing big punches from top and moves to half guard. Side control now for Cariaso. He lands a knee to the ribs and now has full mount. Figueroa tries desperately to get free, but Cariaso stays on him. Cariaso looks for a Kimura now and Figueroa spins and now has position. He stands and Cariaso slams him right back down. Side control easily again for Cariaso. A couple body elbows and knees from there. Now north south and Cariaso has a head lock looking to lock up a guillotine. He looks for mount and lands in half guard. Back to the feet and a knee right away from Figueroa. The round ends with Cariaso misses a high kick. Big round for Chris Cariaso. I definitely give it to him 10-9.

Round two: Body kick from Cariaso. Cariaso shoots, locks him up and takes him down. He pushes him to the cage and gets half guard easily. Side control now. Into north south and spins, now in full guard. He stands and throws some punches. Now half guard again. Cariaso is putting on a clinic on how to get dominating positions. Full mount now. Looked like he wanted to go for an armbar, now looks for the kimura again. He lets it go and postures and rains down 3 or 4 punches. Figueroa spins and gives up his back. Cariaso is looking for the rear naked and Figueroa spins back around giving up mount again, spins again giving up his back again and Cariaso locks in the rear naked choke this time and Anthony Figueroa has to tap. Dominating win for Chris Cariaso.

Final result: Chris Cariaso via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:34 or round two


Bobby Stack vs. Jose Palacios:

Round one: Stack with a combination, but misses. They exchange leg kicks now. Another leg kick from Palacios. Stack charges, but Palacios kicks and backs up. Palacios lands a right hand and Stack's mouthpiece goes flying. The ref stops in momentarily. Now back at it, Stack looks for a high kick and misses. Now Stack shoots for a single and misses. He eats a kick and shoots again, this time successful. In Palacios' guard now throwing punches. Stack pushes him up against the cage now and Palacios is trying to spin back to the center of the cage. The round ends with Stack in Palacios' guard not doing much. Close round, Palacios got the better of the exchanges with the kicks, but Stack was more aggressive and got the takedown. I'll give it to Stack 10-9, but a strong case could certainly be made for Palacios.

Round two: Stack looks for a high kick and eats a right hand. Now Stack shoots and gets the takedown. Butterfly guard for Palacios. Stack pushes him against the cage and Palacios stands up, but Stack slams him right back down. Full guard now for Palacios with Stack throwing punches from the top. Palacios is trying to work the strikes from the bottom now. Palacios is trying to spin and get Stack's arm, but gives up on it. Stack goes to half guard now. Looks for mount and Palacios tries to reverse it, but Stack grabs his arm and narrowly misses an armbar. Palacios gets half guard as a result and the round ends. Stack again was the aggressor with the takedowns and maintaining top position. I'll give him this round as well, 10-9.

Round three: They exchange jabs, and Palacios looks for a big roundhouse kick, but misses. Stack shoots again and misses. Now has Palacios' back on their feet and slams him. On the ground Stack now has full mount and stretches Palacios out trying to get higher up. He's working punches to Palacios' body, now postures and rains down 3 or 4 shots to Palcios' head. Palacios is trying to do whatever he can to get out, but Stack is maintaining mount. Now Palacios escapes and is on Stack's back. Stack spins, pushes and is in Palacios' guard. Both guys working punches from here and the round ends. Once again Stack wins the round with position and aggression, 10-9 Stack.

Final result: Bobby Stack wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Chris Bryan Caraway vs. Alvin Cacdac:

Round one: Caraway throws an overhand right and shoots for the double leg. He gets it and is in Cacdac's half guard. He goes right to side control. Now has Cacdac's back looking for a choke. Caraway now has a body triangle and is trying to sink in the rear naked. Cacdac tries to spin out and Caraway stays with it. It looks deep now and Cacdac half-heartedly taps out and Herb Dean right on top of it, stops the action at 1:39 of round one.

Final result: Brian Caraway via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:39 of round one


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