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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hughes knee injury wont require surgery ... for now

matt hughes

"I found out my results, I’ve got a totally torn MCL that is still attached to my femur. I’ve got a partially torn PCL. They really think that the PCL will repair itself and that MCL has a chance of repairing itself. So we’re going to hold off on surgery right now. I am going to get a second opinion this week, so that might change; but for now we’re going to hold off on surgery."

-- Former welterweight champion Matt Hughes provides an update via his official blog regarding the knee injury he sustained during his fight with Thiago Alves at UFC 85: "Bedlam" earlier this month. Hughes was rocked with a flying knee in round two of the 170-pound main event, which caused his lower half to contort, twisting his knee in a bad way. "The Pitbull" quickly pounced on top of Hughes and pounded him out for the win. Hughes is believed to be taking on Matt Serra in his next fight; however, there's no telling if this knee injury will persist and delay the showdown ... again.

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