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UFC 86 results and live fight coverage for 'Jackson vs Griffin' PPV event

ufc 86 results

UFC 86: "Jackson vs. Griffin" is set go off LIVE tonight (Saturday, July 5, 2008) from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the main card bouts, beginning with the 10 p.m. ET PPV telecast. in addition, we are NOW delivering up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action!

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 86.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 86 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Forrest Griffin new UFC Light Heavyweight champion

Forrest Griffin defeats Rampage Jackson by Unanimous Decision
Patrick Cote defeats Ricardo Almeida via split decision
Joe Stevenson defeats Gleison Tibau via submission (guillotine choke) in round two
Josh Koscheck defeats Chris Lytle via unanimous decison
Tyson Griffin defeat Marcus Aurelio via Unanimous Decision
Gabriel Gonzaga defeats Justin McCully via Submission (Kimura) Round 1
Cole Miller defeats Jorge Gurgel via submission (triangle choke) in round three
Melvin Guillard defeats Dennis Siver via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Justin Buchholz defeats Corey Hill via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2

Druby here.

UFC Light Heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin (205-pound limit)

Round one: Forresst with a jab. Leg kick from Griffen. Rampage with a uppercut. Head kick from Griffen. Nice right from Griffen. Right hook from Griffen. Body kick from Griffen. Nice hook from Rampage. Rampage lands a good right and uppercut. Forrest with a knee. Body kick from Forrest. Straight left from Rampage. Leg kick from Griffen. Forrest landing good leg kicks. Rampage lands some HUGE bombs and a right and uppercut. Forrest attacks now with head kick and Rampage slips. Leg kick from Griffen. Forrest with a good left hook. Inside leg kick from Griffen. HUGE uppercut from Rampage and Forrest crumbles to his back. Forrest pulls full guard right away and Rampage carries him to the fence. Griffen with full guard. Rampage lands some rights while their getting up. Forrest with a knee. Rampage with a kick. Rampage just misses an uppercut. Thats the bell. Its a close round but id give it to Rampage he hurt Griffen bad.

Round two:Griffen has a mouse under his right eye. Leg kick from Forrest hurts his leg bad. Griffen gets a choke in and lands some knees!!! Rampage's leg is hurt bad. Rampage has half guard. Rampage trying to regain his composure. Griffen now to side control. Griffen looking for a kimura. Griffen peppering in some elbows. Forrest with short compact elbows. Rampage defending himself but Griffen is controling the action on the ground. Forrest mounts!!!!! Forrest with short elbows. Hes not doing much damage. Rampage is doing good defense but he's not doing much to get out from the mount. Forrest is looking for a submission. Rampage just holding on stopping Forrest from doing any damage even though his is in the mount. Rampage with good defense although hes not improving his position. Thats the bell. Give that round to Forrest.
Round three:Rampage is favoring the leg. But he is moving much better this round. Rampage lands a one two combo. Griffen seems calm. Head kick from Griffen. Rampage's leg seems to be improving a little bit. The pace is slower Rampage is more cautious. Rampage lands a powerful combo. Rampage now doing a much better job of dodges the leg kicks. Rampage lands a hard left that wobbles Forrest. Rampage again comes forward. Body kick from Forrest. Both fighters exchange hooks. Leg kick from Forrest, good left by Forrest. Rampage with a strong left and right. Nice body shot from Rampage. Inside leg kick from Forrest. Rampage with a hard left. Forrest with a solid combo and Rampage lands a good shot of his own. That was a close round but Rampage did more damage id give it to him.
Round four: Head kick from Forrest blocked. Rampage much more calculated. Rampage lands a great one two combo!!! Rampage lands a big uppercut and Forrest locks him up and now Rampage takes him down and is on top. Forrest is cut now. Griffen with full guard. Forrest looking for a triangle!!!! Rampage lifts him up off the ground and gets out of it!!!! Forrest has a wicked cut over his eye. Rampage with a good elbow. Forrest goes for oma plata and Rampage catches Griffen on the way to the feet and Griffen is wobbled! Rampage with another huge right. Rampage lands a huge left and uppercut and opens the cut. Rampage with another right and another. Rampage with another combo. Rampage lands another combo that did some damage to end the round.

Round five:Rampage looks good. Inside leg kick from Forrest. Leg kick from Forrest. Body kick from Forrest. Big right from Rampage. Body kick from Forrest and another leg kick. Nice right from Rampage. Big leg kick from Forrest. BIG right from Rampage. Leg kick from Rampage. Body shot from Rampage. Head kick by Forrest blocked. Nice right from Forrest. Nice left from Rampage Forrest counters. Nice body shot from Rampage and a hook. Rampage with an uppercut. Good right from Forrest and Rampage counters. Nice right by Rampage. 1 minute left. Rampage with a big combo. Inside leg kick by Forrest. Rampage with a body shot and big uppercut. Rampage with a left and big uppercut. Thats the bell, this fight could go either way. Id give it to Rampage but I wouldnt be shocked to see Griffen get the decision.

Final result:Forrest Griffin defeats Rampage Jackson by Unanimous Decision


Patrick Cote (12-4) vs. Ricardo Almeida (185-pound limit)

Round one: Cote in a low crouched stance looking to defend the take down. Almeida goes for a shot right away and Ricardo jumps up to try and lock in a guillotine. Ricardo with rubber guard. Back to the feet. Cote stays low and crouched. Flying front kick by Almeida. Both fighters clinched against the fence. Cote going for underhooks. Almeida looking for a single. Cote trying to avoid the take down with a strong sprawl. Almeida is determined to get this fight to the ground. Almeida now has a double and gets a good take down. Ricardo right into half guard position. Cote trying to climb the cage to get it to the feet. Ricardo lands two solid rights from posturing up. Cote with full guard. Almeida raining some rights on Cote. Almeida with some body shots. Ricardo with some good rights and another good right Almeida with great ground and pound. Ricardo with a great one two combo. Almeida posturing up and landing some good blows. Now with some good body shots and great ground and pound from Almeida. Thats the bell, 10-9 Almeida he dominated from top position and landed some good blows from the top.

Round two: Almeida fakes a right and goes for a take down, Cote barely misses and uppercut. Ricardo goes for a shot and then pulls guard right away. Almeida now gets control with rubber guard. Cote escapes and now their back to the feet. Head kick from Cote. Almeida biding his time and waiting for an opening for the take down. Cote backs him into a corner and now both fighters clinch against the fence. Knees to the body from the clinch by Cote. Nice overhand right from Cote as they separate, Ricardo with a right. Cote swings and misses with two rights. Almeida with a right. Body clinch by Almeida and just misses the take down. Cote swing and miss. Leg kick from Cote. Ricardo with a body lock and goes for a take down. Knee to the body from the clinch by Cote. Knee to the body from Almeida. Ricardo gets a guillotine but slips off. Cote with a superman punch and misses. Cote lands a good right and falls back but thats the bell, That was a close round it could go either way id give it to Cote for being more active.

Round three: Almeida holding his hands low and he could be inviting danger. Cote trying to find an opening. Almeida shoots but cant get past the sprawl of Cote. Body clinch up against the cage. Now they disengage. Lazy jab from Ricardo. Cote looking for a big blow. Great leg kick by Cote buckles Almeida. Almeida looks tired. Cote moving fast and furious. Leg kick from Cote. Right from Almeida but it was a soft punch he has no power behind them. Cote needs to get aggressive, nice leg kick by Cote. Overhand right from Cote. Almeida lands a great right that snaps Cote's head back. Nice leg kick from Cote and left hook as the follow. 1 minute left. Cote swings and misses. Almeida with a take down, and Cote tries to kick him off to get back to the feet. Side control for Ricardo now Cote is on top and peppering in some punches. Thats the bell, this fight is too close to call im thinking this one will be a split decision.

Final result: Patrick Cote defeats Ricardo Almeida via split decision


Joe Stevenson (28-8) vs. Gleison Tibau (155-pound limit)

Round one: Stevenson comes out quick and bull rushes Tibau. Stiff left from Joe Daddy. Body kick from Tibau. Stevenson lands a big right and knocks Tibau down!!!! Nice pass from Tibau now trying for a choke. Back to the feet. Nice elbow from Stevenson. Both fighters clinched against the fence. Tibau goes for the double and gets a take down. Stevenson right to work climbing his way up the cage and back to his feet. Nice left from Joe daddy. Right hand hook from Joe. Stevenson with a double leg take down and now in full guard. Tibau with butterfly guard, Tibau rolls into a oma plata and Stevenson looks to be in trouble. Stevenson looking for a way out. Tibau peppering in some soft hammer fists, Joe Daddy just relaxing and waiting it out to try and slip his arm out. Joe Daddy is just waiting out the round and thats the bell he stalled his way out of trouble.

Round two: Stevenson looking for a jab. Stevenson charges in and goes for a take down, Tibau gets underhooks and now their clinched up against the fence. Both fighters looking for position. Tibau now drags Joe Daddy to the ground and then their right back to the feet. Stevenson swings and misses and Tibau now takes him down and goes right to side control. Tibau jumps right into a full mount!! Tibau tried for an over under but Stevenson gets out and now their back to the feet. Nice body shot from Joe Daddy. Lazy head kick from Tibau. Joe Daddy gets taken down but Stevenson locks in a DEEP guillotine and thats it Tibau taps!!!! Stevenson was outmatched the entire fight, but out of nowhere he locks in his signature choke and finishes the fight.

Final result: Stevenson defeats Tibau via submission (guillotine choke) in round two


Josh Koscheck (10-2) vs. Chris Lytle (170-pound limit)

Round one: Lytle with some big swings and misses to start. Lytle still trying to land a huge right over and over. Koz is taken back by Lytle's aggression it seems. Head kick from Lytle. Lytle trying to use a jab to set up his big right. Koz throws and kick and slips but is right back to his feet. Lytle throws a left and Koz lunges in for a shot. Koz now is Lytles half guard. Koz looking to land some elbows. Lytle doing a good job of keeping Koz from passing his guard, Koz posturing up to try and land some elbows. Koz with a solid right. Lytle doing a good job of defense. Koz almost gets the mount but Lytle uses a great butterfly guard to stop it. Thats the bell. Id have to give that round to Koscheck for his work on the ground but Lytle is clearly the better man on the feet. 10-9 Koz.

Round two: Lytle comes out with a double jab. Koz is on his heels. Hes clearly uncomfortable on the feet with Lytle. Lytle still going for the overhand right. Koz rushes in for a shot. Lytle trying his best to defend it. Koz with a good elbow and knee. Koz again now gets him down but he lands in a guillotine. Koz is out. Now Koz is in half guard looking to mount and hes using short elbows to try and pass. Koz is landing some good blows and now Lytle is cut above his right eye. Lytle is using good defense but Koz is still landing some blows from the top. Koz keeps landing elbows and hes doing some damage. Koz is now raining some blows that are doing serious damage. Koz keeps landing some elbows and now Lytle back into half guard, Lytle is gushing blood hes cut bad. Lytle is bleeding everywhere. Koz landing some short hammer fists. Lytle's cut is bad. Koz dominated that round.

Round three: Its a huge cut. Lytle's cut is vicious but hes coming out again for the 3rd round. Lytle with a hook. Koz shoots but Lytle sprawls out and lands an uppercut. Koz now has a single. Lytle is going for a kimura. Lytle has a choke in!!! Koz looking to escape. He does. Now Koz is back in half guard where he has dominated the entire fight. Koz is landing some more elbows. Lytle is literally pouring blood out of his head it looks like a waterfall. Lytle is still defending himself. The ref is standing them up. Lytle has to be tired from all the blood loss. Lytle swinging for the fences and lands a right and left but Koz ties him up into the clinch. The ref separates them. Lytle lands some big punches. Koz runs away, and he was hurt. Thats the bell, Koz dominated but Lytle showed the most grit and guile in this fight. Lytle went balls to the wall you gotta respect this man.

Final result: Josh Koscheck defeats Chris Lytle via unanimous decison


Tyson Griffin (11-1) vs. Marcus Aurelio (155-pound limit)

Round one: Griffin circling quickly to start the fight. Aurelio looking for some range. Nice left to the body from Griffin Marcus with a counter left hook. Griffin looking to fake the shot to set up a combo. Neither fighter can find their range. Nice looping right from Griffin blocked. Both fighters collide lunging in and Aurelio falls to the ground. Griffin now pounding away on Aurelio with rights that are hitting their mark. Aurelio looking for a submission. Aurelio with a high full guard looking for a triangle. Griffin postures up to get out of danger. Nice up kick from Aurelio. Marcus kicks him away and is back to the feet. Jab from Griffin. Stiff jab from Aurelio. Griffin with nice leg kick. Griffin with a good body shot then follows it with an uppercut. Both fighters clinch up against the fence. Thats the bell. Good 1st rd I have to give it to Griffin for doing more damage 10-9.

Round two: Griffin with a nice body to head combo. Then a good stiff leg kick, Overhand right from Griffin. Left to the body from Griffin. Nice left hook from Griffin. Aurelio looks hurt a bit. Jab from Aurelio. Leg kick from Griffin and hes landing them hard, Aurelio gets a quick combo then locks in a body clinch. Both fighters up against the fence. Knee to the body from both fighters, the pace has slowed to a crawl. Griffin with a great dump to take down Aurelio. Aurelio grabs a leg and gets a take down. Griffin quick to try and get to his feet and now Aurelio has his back, Griffin reverses and now is on top. Aurelio locks in a triangle but looses it and lands a solid up kick. Griffin lands a solid right. Aurelio using a high guard to try and lock in a submission but Griffin is using brute strength to power out. Thats the bell, once again id give it to Griffin 10-9.

Round three: Griffin looks like its the first round hes in great shape, both fighter exchange rights. Griffin with a leg kick. Leg kick from Griffin and they are vicious, Griffin with a big overhand right then a straight right. Left hook from Griffin. Right from Aurelio. Aurelio with a desperate shot and Griffin avoids it. Griffin respond with some huge right hands and Aurelio is hurt!!! Aurelio is throwing lazy punches and his legs are gone. Griffin with punishing leg kicks. Huge right from Griffin. Lazy headkick from Aurelio. Griffin with a huge take down and now is back on top. Aurelio is going for a arm bar but Griffin postures out once again. Aurelio desperate looking for anything from his guard. Aurelio trying to lock in a triangle but Griffin powers out once again. Thats the bell. Griffin had to have won that fight easily 30-27 he was just the better man on the feet and avoided all submission attempts while using some vicious ground and pound.

Final result: Tyson Griffin defeat Marcus Aurelio via Unanimous Decision


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