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UFC Quick Quote: CB Dollaway 'didnt fully commit to the tap'

cb dollaway

"With the tap, I didn't fully commit to the tap, but I did hit him once. I guess they ruled that a tap. I thought you had to go on and start tapping out. I did hit him once. Right as I did that, I felt my arm get into a position where I could get out. At that point Herb (Dean) ruled it as a tap out."

-- CB Dollaway tells that he tapped but he didn't really tap during his fight with Amir Sadollah for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 7 middleweight crown. There was some controversy in the wake of the tussle that referee Herb Dean perhaps blew the call. However, it seems that Dollaway began to tap and then had second thoughts while in the armbar. Therefore, it's difficult to blame Dean -- seeing the movement -- for an early stoppage -- he had no choice but to waive off the bout.

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