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Ivan Salaverry retires from MMA competition

ivan salaverry

Props: Sherdog

"Basically, I am just not prioritizing fighting anymore. Even though I love fighting and I had a great run and I enjoyed it, I've transitioned to other things. There are quite a few variables as to why I stepped away and not just one. I'm older now; I'm 37 and not 27. I also have some injuries that are just not recovering, too. And within that scope, I have my school and my two kids. Fighting is not just a priority anymore.... The loss (to Palhares) had a portion of my decision to retire but it wasn't the main reason why. The nature of this sport is that the new, younger guys come in and beat up the older guys. That's just how it is. I think that once you lose that focus to continue fighting, that hunger, it's time to let it go. I'm not going to be that 40-year-old-plus fighter struggling through small promotions and hanging on for dear life to those few remaining athletic years."

With back-to-back losses to Rousimar Palhares and Terry Martin, UFC and mixed martial arts veteran Ivan Salaverry decides it's time to hang up the gloves and move on to bigger and better things. Good luck, Ivan.

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