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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode 12 recap and discussion

The final episode is here and it gets right down to business with the remaining semifinal fight between CB Dolloway and Amir Sadollah. The winner will meet Jesse Taylor at this Saturday's live finale.

The general consensus is that Amir is the underdog but he's proven a worthy opponent thus far and of course anything can happen.

Semifinal match #2: CB Dolloway (6-0) vs. Amir Sadollah (0-0)

Round 1: CB with a flurry. Amir backpedals. CB rushes again. Amir with a liver kick that drops CB but he rushes in and gets scooped and slammed. Amir in guard trying to make things hard on CB. Amir busy from the bottom. CB postures but lands nothing cleanly. CB trying to pick his spots but Amir is no easy target. CB gets sloppy and Amir escapes. Amir goes Superman and sneaks in a punch. CB stumbles into a takedown and Amir is back in guard. The round ends with CB trying to flatten him out while looking for a choke.

Round 2: CB with a jab and a kick. Amir rushes and lands a few punches and a knee. CB answers. Amir with a front kick that lands in CB's midsection and crumbles him. Again Amir goes in and winds up on the floor. CB not doing much from the top while Amir is staying busy. CB gets sloppy and Amir locks in an armbar. He turns it but can't secure it and loses his grip. CB gets back to mount. Amir is bleeding from the eye. Amir blinking heavily and may not be able to see. CB looks winded but continues to throw sporadically. Mazz has seen enough and stands them up. Amir landing punches and a nice kick but CB takes him back down. Round two ends with CB on top.

Round 3: Low kick by CB. Amir rushes but gets tied up. CB with a failed takedown. And another. Third time is the charm as Amir eats the floor. CB gets his back and sinks in the rear naked choke but Amir listens to his corner and turns into the hold and escapes. CB looks for a crucifix but instead ends up in a bizarre north/south. He turns and falls back into Amir's guard. He tries to turn up the heat but instead turns into an armbar and it's TIGHT. CB has nowhere to go and is forced to tap.

Amir Sadollah defeats CB Dolloway via submission (armbar).

Back in the locker room CB showers himself with disbelief. He admits to underestimating Amir and as a result he paid for it. Over on the other side Amir shares in that disbelief as he has his eye sewn back together.

Now that it's all said and done we have Jesse Taylor vs. Amir Sadollah competing in the finale to decide who will be crowned The Ultimate Fighter.

Afterwards Dana explains how he wraps up the show by taking the guys out for a night on the town in the heart of Vegas. Well apparently one night was not enough for Jesse Taylor as Dana watches security footage of him pulling up to the Palace Station Hotel in a rented limo.

Taylor tries to exit the vehicle - Duke boys style - by kicking out the limo window. He then decides to storm the hotel and terrorize female bar patrons while screaming about how he is a UFC fighter. At least Danny Abaddi had enough sense to do it after a fight.

Dana calls in Forrest and Rampage to show them the tape and eventually gets Jesse Taylor in there to explain his actions. Taylor admits to binge drinking and going a wee bit overboard.

Dana tells him he isn't ready for the UFC and gives his career a Viking funeral. Taylor chokes up and realizes he blew the chance of a lifetime. It was difficult to watch.

Now that it's behind them, Dana and the coaches have to figure out how to fix the finale since its short by one person.

They bring back Tim Credeur and CB Dolloway and offer them a chance to fight each other for the opportunity to face Amir Sadollah in the live finale. Thankfully they ignore the trend of season's past and actually say yes.

Will CB get a rematch? Or will Credeur finally show he's ready for the big time?

Poor Amir gets dragged back to the gym and Dana drops the bomb on him. Now he gets a ringside seat to see who his new opponent will be.

Semifinal fight #3: Tim Credeur (10-2) vs CB Dolloway (6-0)

Round 1: Feeling out process as the guys trade punches. More exchanging. CB eats a few. CB with a low kick. Another. High kick by Tim and a low kick by CB. Two more. Some punches fly. Nice body shot by Tim. CB misses a high kick. Tim fires off a few punches and eats a kick to the shoulder. CB lands a nice body kick. Tim drops him with a right and pounces but gets rolled into guard after a quick recovery by CB. Tim tries to escape and winds up in a guillotine but finds a way out and they get back to their feet. Tim eats a big punch in the waning seconds and CB scores a takedown at his expense as the round expires. Very close.

Round 2: CB opens with a grazing high kick. CB with a ferocious takedown but Tim gets back to his feet. CB is backing Tim up with very aggressive striking. Tim slips avoiding a CB punch. Tim lands a few upkicks to the knees of CB and when he eventually gets to his feet he eats a solid low kick. Tim gets rocked by CB and goes into a heap. CB close to ending it. Tim hangs on and weathers the storm long enough to find his feet. He tries to counter with a flurry but CB is on stronger legs. Both look gassed as the guys slow their pace and swing wildly in between resting periods. Body shot by Tim sneaks in. Slow takedown by CB but it still gets an exhausted Tim to the ground. The round ends with Tim on bottom getting smothered.

Round 3: Tim eats two punches right out of the gate and gets taken down. He gets to his feet and tries to strike but CB is keeping him at bay with defensive kicks. Tim with a low kick. Both guys are wiped. CB gets another takedown. Not much happens and Tim finds his feet. Nice low kick by Tim. Tim tries to stuff the shoot but cannot. CB stands again and seems content to just stall and eat knee kicks. Tim back up. Tim with a flurry and gets taken down again. Once on the ground they pound away on each other in desperation until the round ends.

CB Dolloway defeats Tim Credeur via unanimous decision.

Now CB Dolloway will replace the deposed Jesse Taylor and rematch Amir Sadollah at the live finale.

Afterwards Dana gives both guys 10,000 for showing up and leaving it all in the cage. They earned it with a very entertaining battle. Rampage fades to black screaming "Rampage is back!"

I guess we'll find out this Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter Finale live from The Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See you then!

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