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Stomp & Circumstance: Fedor graduates with degree in butt-kicking


May 4 became a very important day for Fedor as he finished his study as a student of chair of physical training at Belgorod State University. It's understandable that Fedor's schedule wouldn't let him graduate as quickly as other students normally do. The topic of his thesis was 'Methodology of physical skills development training 13-15 year old sambo practitioners.' Of course he was in the grip of slight emotion but years of hard training regimen helped him keep his composure while answering the questions with a smile. The topic was chosen intentionally since Fedor himself tried and proved all the methods he offered during his graduate work. By the way, the Fedor Emelianenko's Sports Academy which is being built in Belgorod will soon test Fedor's strategies of bringing up the best athletes.

Fedor Emelianenko -- the last man to hold the Pride FC heavyweight belt -- is now certified to train young Russians how to kick ass. He'll get to soon demonstrate his new degree for his future students against former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia at the Affliction MMA debut at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on July 19.

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