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MMA New York not happening in 2008

ufc new york
On a day that UFC President referred to as the biggest in its history with news that majority owner Lorenzo Fertitta would concentrate full-time to help the promotion go global, the sport of mixed martial arts sustained a minor blow within United States borders to become legal in New York.

The New York State Assembly Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development Committee today tabled a bill until as late as January 2009 that would have set the wheels in motion to finally legalize the sport in "The Empire State."

Last week, the initial votes were cast on the bill; however, after the fact committee members were confused about whether or not to seal it with their stamp of approval and requested to change their submissions.

That confusion set the stage for today when a re-vote on the issue was scheduled. However, it appears that the committee and its members still require more time to learn all the positives and negatives of the new legislation before making up their minds.

In fact, a public forum and round table discussion will be scheduled between now and the next vote to flesh out all the details. The good news is that it also gives the UFC, which is leading the charge, and its well-paid lobbyists more time educate.

It's no secret that a major pay-per-view (PPV) event from historic Madison Square Garden in Manhattan would signal a major victory in earning almost total mainstream acceptance and elevate the sport to exciting new heights.

We'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

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