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EliteXC quick quote: NJ Politics acquaints a man with strange bedfellows

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Props: ProMMA Radio

The ref (Dan Miragliotta) had actually called me. This was a couple of days after, he told me he was getting a lot of direct pressure [from the state athletic commissioner]. He said even the Governor had called him and said he needed to make a statement on the fight. He did let me know that some of the things were misleading that he said...We had even sat there and discussed kind of off the record about what had happened and he goes "Yeah, you know you told me you would be fine in a minute [after the eyepoke]. I stepped out and all of the sudden the doctor calls the fight, I didn't get it." [Miragliotta] was acting like he didn't know why. He hears me tell him I don't want to fight, I can't see? I don't know how he's hearing that [if he's on the other side of the cage].

EliteXC middleweight Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith responds to comments made by referee Dan Miragliotta to "Mr. Sunshine" Steve Cofield on ESPN 1100 regarding the controversial stoppage of his fight against EliteXC middleweight champion "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler at last month's Saturday Night Fights in Newark, NJ. Smith goes into great detail about the stoppage and the way it was handled. Check out the interview by Larry Pepe over at ProMMA Radio when you get the chance, it's a juicy one!

Click here for the interview.

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