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World Championship Fighting (WCF) Boston show on June 20 to include Kenny Florian and Marcus Davis

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Dan "The Upgrade" Lauzon -- UFC veteran and the younger brother of Joe Lauzon -- will headline the next World Championship Fighting (WCF) event against Brendan Hoxie at the Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Mass., on Friday June 20.

Here's the complete line up:

  • Dan Lauzon vs. Brendan Hoxie
  • Mike Campbell vs. Rich Moskowitz
  • John Benoit vs. Travis Lerchen
  • Jamie Campbell vs. Jose Valentin
  • Dan Bonnell vs. Barrington Douse
  • Chris Grandmaison vs. Jon Bermudez
  • Jon Jones vs. Parker Porter
  • Davin Wesinger vs. Jose Lopez
  • Ken Stone vs. Mike Oakes
  • Joe Cushman vs. TBA
  • Kevin Corrigan vs. Ruben Gonzales
  • Scott Ledoux vs. Chris Foster
  • Dan O'Keefe vs. Garth Krane
  • Stephen Stengel vs. Chad Hart

Other UFC fighters and local products such as Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Joe Lauzon and Jorge Rivera will also be on hand as special guests to sign autographs, as well as Kimbo Slice slayer, Sean "The Gladiator" Gannon, Mark DellaGrotte and boxing coach Peter Welch from season two of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

For more information, details and ticket information hit up the official WCF Web site right here.

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