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UFC Quick Quote: Thales Leites not interested in Nate Marquardt rematch

thales leites

"I don't think so [take a rematch with Nate Marquardt]. He did a lot of illegal things to me. In my opinion it was his obligation to knock me out in the second round after the illegal knee. If he wants to fight me again I think he should get to the line, and wait in it again. I'm looking for the title-shot. He had his chance before, and he couldn't get it so now it's my time."

-- Thales Leites tells that he has no real interest in a rematch with Nate Marquardt after their first encounter at UFC 85: "Bedlam" on June 7. Leites won the bout via split decision; however, Marquardt had two points deducted for fouls in the three round bout and in the waning seconds of the bout he used a pile driver-type maneuver, which is illegal but was not penalized. With the win Leites takes a considerable step up the 185-pound title contender ladder.

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