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'Swicking Out' with Mike Swick at UFC 85 Marcus Davis fight

Mike Swick



"The last part of the fight was what we call at the gym "Swicking Out"… I actually was trying to get my punches through but he was doing a great job at blocking them so I got creative. I was actually at one point going to sit up and donky kong hammer fist them in but actually changed my mind and stuck to the less effective freestyle swimming technique. Amazingly it looked so much better in my head than how it turned out! You just have to know that in my head I was a ground n pounding machine with brutal power and perfect technique… I guess I am not quite the ninja I think I am sometimes…"

-- Mike Swick comments on the flailing exchange in the final frame of his fight with Marcus Davis at UFC 85: "Bedlam" this past weekend at the O2 Arena in London, England. It looked like two school girls in a cat fight ... good to see he can see the humor in it. He went on to win the fight -- a very good one with those final few seconds notwithstanding -- via unanimous decision.

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