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Report: UFC major announcement set for June 17

rodin thinker
Last week, UFC President Dana White promised a major announcement that would serve as an "indicator of where this business is going over the next five years" would be forthcoming this Thursday, June 12.

Rumors and speculation have gripped the online mixed martial arts community, which even spilled over on a CNBC "Power Lunch" segment yesterday afternoon. White was on the program to detail a significant licensing and merchandising deal for the promotion, but was asked about several other possibilities regarding the "major" announcement that was on the horizon.

Even CNBC realizes that fans want to know what blockbuster news is going on behind the scenes. And instead of finding out tomorrow, Dave Meltzer of is reporting that we will have to wait a little bit longer.

Here's the snip:

"The announcement today of the UFC action figures deal with Jakks is not the big announcement that has been teased all week. According to the UFC, that announcement will be made a week from today, and not on Thursday."

White debunked several of the popular possibilities, including going public, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming on board, a partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and a network television deal, leaving most of those interested scratching their heads about what on Earth is going to be revealed.

It could all be a smokescreen or he could actually have an airtight surprise. He mentioned that he intended to make an announcement to his employees tomorrow, but there's no telling if he still plans to do that now that the announcement date has been pushed back.

Whatever it is it better be good because he has whipped everyone into such a furor that anything short of spectacular or completely out of left field just won't deliver on the expectations.

Even if he's able to do that it still might fall short ... he's set the bar higher than normal on this one.

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