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Miguel Torres eyes next WEC fight in possibly December

miguel torres


"They still have a couple of guys out there. They have Tapia, Brian Bowles, but he's still kind of new. I hope they give him a couple of fights before they put him in there with me, but he's a pretty tough guy; the guy from Greg Jackson's camp, I think his name is Damacio Page. They have Dominick Cruz, he's fighting at 135 now, so there are some guys out there. They have some more Japanese guys. I have guys in front of me waiting. I think in a couple of years, I'll move up in weight, but right now I'll stay at 35 and try to take care of business.... I told them I would like to go as soon as December. I want to fight at least by December. I want to get at least one more this year. I like to stay active. I don't like to stay out of the game too long. I want to be in there and take care of business."

WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres looks toward the future after his successful and sensational title defense against Yoshiro Maeda at WEC 34 earlier this month. While Torres mentions several names has also learned that Will Ribeiro -- who just defeated former champion Chase Beebe on the same card -- is a leading consideration. And when an opponent is confirmed it could happen in Torres' backyard -- somewhere in the Chicago area.


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