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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White does the best he can

dana white

"I'm not your typical head of a sports league. I say exactly how I feel. I don't hide it. I don't lie. And I swear a lot. Some people think I'm a classless moron. Other people think I'm this monster that screws my fighters over. And other people like me. You can't make everybody happy. But you gotta understand too, in this business, I'm the promoter. My role is I'm always gonna be the fucking bad guy. No matter what I do. Or how many great things I do for people. Or how many fighters I make millionaires. Because if you're a fight promoter, and if you make a fucking dollar, you're a scumbag. You shouldn't get that money, the fighters should. I'm the bad guy. Always going to be the bad guy. I get it. I accept that role. I do the best I can."

-- UFC President Dana White talks to Rolling Stone about his role as promoter for the largest and most successful mixed martial arts promotion on the planet, addressing his unique approach and the public perception that it elicits.

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