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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode 10 recap and discussion

Episode 10 starts off with a disturbing close-up of Matthew Riddle's red hair. I wouldn't call it unflattering but he kind of looks like a cross between Terry Taylor and Buster Brown.

After a recap of last week's war between Matt Brown and Amir Sadollah, Jeremy May starts whining that Matt Brown's loss makes him look even weaker than he already is (because he was eliminated by Brown) and decides that it's enough reason to demand a rematch.

Jesse Taylor gets wind of the story and goes into a Dice Clay like rant on what a tool May is. Jeremy is so mad about being punked he runs to Gerald Harris and tells him of his master plan to bait Jesse into hitting him so that he gets himself kicked off the show.

It's right around this point that I hope for giant swords to shoot up from the floor and rid us of Jeremy May like Lei Lei from Darkstalkers.

May gets liquored up and squares off against Taylor and they have a bitch-off which basically consists of arguing over who is the bigger bitch until somebody throws a punch.

May isn't getting thorugh to Taylor so he pulls out the tried-and-true Jewish card and since we all know how much Jewish people enjoy being labeled, Taylor starts hulking up like he just got hit with a chair by Zeus.

The rest of the guys swarm in and calm him down and once May realizes how despised he is by everyone he tries to blame the booze and looks for the respect fist. Taylor gives it to him probably just to shut him up and get back to his card game.

Thankfully the focus shifts to the quarterfinal fights and once again Tim Credeur refers to Dan Cramer as "hot". I've never considered myself homophobic but this season's contestants are really testing my limits.

Quarterfinal fight #3: Tim Credeur (10-2) vs Dan Cramer (3-0)

Round 1: Credeur throws a low kick and they trade sloppy punches. Credeur shoots and they go to the cage wall. Cramer backs him up and drops him. Cramer is able to posture up and land a few. Credeur escapes to his feet and Cramer goes on the attack landing strikes. They clinch and Cramer takes him down. Credeur reverses and gets into mount. Cramer escapes and they go to the cage. Cramer forces him down again. Cramer tries to stand up and Credeur grabs a leg and secures a heel hook. Cramer is forced to tap.

Tim Credeur defeats Dan Cramer via submission (heel hook:R1)

With the attention now on the second fight, CB Dolloway makes it clear how much he despises Cale Yarbrough and his funny looking face. That's nothing. Try looking at the guy who runs MMAmania.

A Team Brown training session finds Cale Yarbrough less than impressed with the Dolloway myth. Coach Griffin calls Dolloway an "arrogant prick".

Dana feels like the guys are getting burned out so he takes them for a night out at the races. The guys pile into go-karts and turn the episode into a testosterone filled game of Mario Kart.

Back at the house the cast gets a little reckless and starts trashing the house - I mean really trashing it. Walls, banisters, windows, doors - you name it. How you can get kicked off the show for punching another contestant but not even get a stern lecture for destroying UFC property is something that still baffles me.

Unless of course the destruction is scripted as a way to spice up the show. Then again after this past weekend it's hard not to think everything is a conspiracy.

Anyway, it's fight time and since there are twenty minutes left in the show, I reckon Yarbrough actually has a chance in this one.

Quarterfinal fight #4: CB Dolloway (6-0) vs Cale Yarbrough (0-0)

Round 1: Dolloway throws a jab. E-surance counters with an annoying commercial. Now That's Classic Rock is able to drop E-surance and after samples of some of the same tired songs we hear on every rock station, transitions to Dolloway on the floor landing punches from the mount. Yarbrough is on the defensive and gives up his back. Dolloway looks like he can't decide which direction to go and returns to punching. Yarbrough seems content to just curl up into a ball and eat punches. Herb Dean issues multiple warnings, gets no response and is forced to stop it.

CB Dolloway defeats Cale Yarbrough via TKO (R1).

So much for Yarbrough having a chance.

After the fight Forrest continues to get irked by Dolloway's cockiness. He puts out an open invitation to quiet the cockiness and Jesse Taylor steps up to the plate.

When they go to the gym to set the semifinal matches they realize that Rampage is a no call/no show. Undeterred, Dana trudges onward after a 45 minute delay.

Griffin thinks an MIA Rampage guarantees he will get his pick but Dana knows he can't sell a TUF final with Dolloway vs Credeur so sorry Forrest, but it ain't happening.

Rampage finally rolls up in his Wraith (bad breath and all) and has to find out what picks were made without him. As it stands, CB Dolloway will fight Amir Sadollah and Tim Credeur will fight Jesse Taylor.

Stay tuned next week as we get the long-awaited coaches challenge - which turns out to be the classic game of HORSE. Rampage admits to never having played basketball as a kid and gets the same kind of stares that C. Thomas Howell got when he went to the boards in blackface in Soul Man.

Oh yeah, and there are a couple of semi-important fights.

See you then!

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