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Kimbo Slice vs Brett Rogers: 'Step up or step aside'

kimbo slice brett rogers



"We want to fight the best and right now everything; judging by the money, the publicity and the billboards; that is Kimbo. Has Kimbo earned that spot? We are not convinced. So we are calling Kimbo out. If this is a challenge he does not feel ready to accept; that is cool. That we can understand. But it is somewhat unreasonable to ask everyone to play second fiddle – to fight tougher opponents for less money while another fighter makes bank on the also rans. Brett has fought three very tough heavy weights with legitimate skills. The result in every one of those fights was a first round KO. No decisions, no controversy just straight up cart them off wins. Yet every interview and every place he goes he hears Kimbo this, Kimbo that. Hell, if we were not asking to fight Kimbo, Gary would be ashamed of us and would be wondering what type of wimps he had fighting for him. If Kimbo is the badest man on the planet; then lets do this thing. All due respect … step up or step aside."

Elite XC heavyweight fighter Brett Rogers and his camp, Team Bison, issue a formal challenge to Kimbo Slice through a letter posted on his official Web site. In the lengthy letter, Rogers also talks about his future with Elite XC as well as a possible fight against Antonio "Big Foot" Silva. Check it out if you have some time.

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